ALMA Consultation – we need your support!!!

Liverpool City Council has now concluded its public consultation into the proposal to relocate ALMA provision to the main school site from September 2017.

We want to thank all of the supporters of the proposal who actively communicated their views to the Local Authority.

We will now await the Cabinet’s decision (June 2017) and will communicate it to you all as soon as we find out.

In the meantime, we invite any comments, questions, suggestions or offers of practical support and help from the families and friends of the school. To get involved, please contact Mrs Hildrey, our Headteacher via


Why change?

With the decommissioning of the assessment function of ALMA this summer, it makes perfect sense for the small group of remaining students who have a confirmed Abbot’s Lea School place for September to join their peers here at the main school site.

Such integration would make a massively positive difference to our students, staff and the families and allow us to use the substantial amount of money currently spent on the rental of Matthew Arnold to be better spent on the education of all of our young people.