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Our Weekly News

In the boxes below, you can read about our best moments in school.
We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 4+

The students in Canada have done really well this week and adapted well to the challenges we have faced.

This week the students have particularly enjoyed making sandwiches in Food Technology, visiting the Music room to have a go at playing the instruments and also learning about volcanoes.

Well done Class Canada

Week 3+

It has been a really good week for Class Canada. The students enjoyed making spaghetti bolognese, fruit salad and also healthy milkshakes. We also worked well learning about fables in English and also making three-digit numbers using concrete apparatus in Maths.

We are really proud of how well all of our students have settled in class well done Class Canada.

Week 2+

Canada have had a very enjoyable first week! Beginning the week with food technology, making rice krispy cakes and working out which supermarket has the best overall prices for recipes. 


Canada class have also worked well in making a variety of different desserts such as fifteens cakes and created PowerPoints of all their fun they had during the summer holidays! 

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