COVID-19: Home Support

Dear Families

Due to the current national lockdown, schools are looking for new ways to continue to engage with their students. Some embrace and are able to pursue highly academic remote teaching, others focus on pastoral support only. Our approach is to provide as much guidance and support and possible, whilst accepting that not all students will engage with learning during the school’s closure as well as they would in class.

Pastoral Support

Your child’s class teacher will contact you each week during the national school closures to offer you an opportunity to ask for support and to generally discuss your child’s well being. These are routine calls and so should not be alarming in any way. This is simply the second best alternative to actually being able to see and converse with your child daily, in school.

Learning Support

The teachers in school have been working together to produce some home learning resources/suggestions that can be accessed at home by students. We are aware that there is an awful lot of information out there and we have filtered through much of it, so as to be able to suggest what we feel would be suitable and beneficial.

It is, however, important to acknowledge that home learning may not be possible for all children in all households for a variety of reasons.

There is no expectation for you to complete all the work on this tab. We do not want to you to feel under additional pressure to suddenly become a teacher!

Our aim is simply to help you, should you want to create some structure in your child’s day and include in it some learning opportunities in your house.

Feedback from many families has been positive last term and we thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us.

There are three likely situations that a family may face:

1) You are able to follow the daily learning resources on this web page.

2) You are able to follow some of the daily learning resources on this web page some of the time.

3) You are not able to follow these daily learning resources, due to your own personal circumstances and that of your child.

Should you desire any further work or advice, please contact your child’s class teacher. All email addresses are present at the top of the relevant webpage for your convenience.

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