SEN Information Report

Your SEN Information Report should contain everything Ofsted – and for that matter any agency, parent, student or professional – could want to know in terms of SEN identification, provision and support. It can also act as a guide through SEN provision for all members of staff, whatever their career profile. It includes:

  • Details of and links to your area Local Offer(s). Remember that if you work with more than one local authority, then you need to have links to all of the Local Offers for those authorities.
  • In relation to mainstream schools and maintained nursery schools, the name and contact details of the SENCO. Best practice would be to also include the same details for your headteacher and your SEND governor, as well as how parents can make a complaint or raise a concern.
  • Information about the expertise and training of staff in relation to children and young people with SEN and about how specialist expertise will be secured.
  • How you make provision for pupils with SEN, whether or not they have Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs).
  • What interventions you have implemented and their impact.
  • The additional learning opportunities for pupils with SEN.
  • Your procedures, if you are a mainstream school or nursery, for the identification and assessment of pupils with SEN.
  • Your approach to teaching pupils who have SEN.
  • How you adapt the curriculum and the learning environment for those who have SEN.
  • How the school enables pupils with SEN to engage in the activities of the school (including physical activities) together with children who do not have SEN.
  • Details of the support that is available for improving the social, emotional and mental health and development of pupils with SEN.
  • How you involve pupils and their parents in decision-making.
  • How you evaluate the effectiveness of your provision, including securing feedback and the views of pupils and their parents.

SEN Information Report for 2018-19 – Download

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