Covid-19 information

We have now distributed, to every secondary-aged student – whether or not they took part in the onsite testing – a new kit containing 7 home-based tests. These testing kits are designed for testing for Covid-19 twice a week, every 3-5 days. They are calculated to be sufficient for twice-weekly tests to be carried out until and including the Easter break and several weeks of Term 5.
The kits we give to the students are for their use. There is, however, an open offer of identical home-testing kits for the families of school-aged children and the support bubble of any such family.
We strongly encourage you to order and re-order such kits, as needed by going to https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests
We only require you to alert us if the test result is positive. Please email covid@abbotsleaschool.co.uk as soon as the positive result is received. This will allow us to conduct track and trace activity within the school to reduce the risk of infection spreading. Please be advised that we are now required to track and trace any close contacts of those who test positive, based on two full clear days prior to the test. This means that, if someone tests positive on Sunday evening, we would include all of their close contacts from Friday.
Please note that anyone receiving a positive result from the lateral flow test (LFT) will be asked to self-isolate and book a confirmatory polymerase chain reaction test (PCR) via the NHS. If the PCR test comes back negative, we will be contacting all those previously advised to self-isolate, expecting all students to return to school the following school day.

School Uniform Shop

Our nearly new second-hand uniform shop is available to all families, where you can purchase any item for just £1. All items will have been washed (unless donated new with tags) and we will only sell items, which we believe to be in very good condition.

We have Sweatshirts, Jumpers, Polo Shirts, Shirts, Trousers, Shorts and Blazers all in various sizes.
Please contact our Family Adviser, Lisa Sharpe via email: lisa.sharpe@abbotsleaschool.co.uk


How to Purchase Uniform Whittakers 2021 (003)


Our Specialist Support

Family Support Contacts

💬 Lisa Sharpe – Safeguarding Officer – lisa.sharp@abbotsleaschool.co.uk
💬 Jo Scarrott – EHCP Co-ordinator – jo.scarrott@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

  • If your query relates to a safeguarding matter please send it to safeguarding@abbotsleaschool.co.uk and a member of staff will contact you.
  • If you believe that a child is in imminent danger, call the Police on 999.
  • If you need urgent mental health support, call NHS on 111, or the NHS website can help you find an urgent mental health helpline.

Listening Ear

You might be struggling emotionally and looking for strategies to help you cope. Or maybe you just need to talk to someone who understands the extra challenges you face and who can point you in the right direction to get the support you need for your family.

Contact Charity organisation offer 1-1 telephone appointments with a family support adviser for parent carers looking for a listening ear, reassurance and practical and emotional support.

Making an appointment is simple: Visit their Eventbrite page, choose the day (morning, afternoon or evening), and when you register choose the time slot you want.

Appointments are regularly updated and are subject to availability.

Do you have any suggestions?

We invite all students and families to send their own suggestions about what Abbot’s
Lea School should do next to be the best specialist school in the world for you!
Please send your ideas, suggestions and tips to: feedback@abbotsleaschool.co.uk
No idea is too big or too small and, whilst we will probably not be able to please all of
the requests, we are really keen to hear from as many of you as possible!


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