About Nurture

The Nurture Provision consists of three classes across the school, supporting students from Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 5. Teaching and learning within the Nurture Provision is delivered using a cross-curricular approach, with academic content delivered in a bespoke form to meet the personal interests and needs of the individual students within our classes; Wales, Canada and Tasmania. All students supported within the Nurture Provision follow our school’s ASD model, with collaborative planning supported by our MDT team used to support students in developing their social communication skills and maintaining emotional regulation through the use of Positive Behaviour Support strategies. Supporting all students with their development of life skills underpins all of our work within the Nurture Provision, enabling our students to become even more respected and valued members of our school and wider communities.

In order to ensure all our students make progress whilst being supported within the Nurture Provision, a number of students are assessed through the assessment tool known as ‘The Engagement Model;’ designed to support students working below the level of the National Curriculum, or who do not engage in subject-specific study. The Engagement Model consists of the following five areas:

  • Exploration
  • Realisation
  • Anticipation
  • Persistence
  • Initiation

The Engagement Model identifies and celebrates all students’ progress, consolidation and maintenance of knowledge, skills and concepts. Additionally, it is used within our school to enable class-based teams to reflect on how successful the bespoke curriculums being offered to students are and how further progress can be achieved. For students accessing The Engagement Model, regular observational assessments take place along with play-based learning activities and reflective pedagogy.

For those students within the Nurture Provision able to access subject-specific study, progress is measured through attainment against the learning descriptors of the National Curriculum, dependent on the student’s Key Stage, and capabilities to access more academic content. To support our students with accessing academic content whilst maintaining high levels of interest in our curriculum offer, our students study a weekly theme. All students are supported in engaging with a range of play-based, practical and sensory learning opportunities linked to either their personal interests or our theme of the week.

Whilst our students are supported within The Nurture Provision, we continue their learning journey by working closely with our families to identify each student’s next steps in learning in line with our ASD model. Our aim is to build their resilience and ability to follow a routine, to develop their engagement with adult-led activities and establish friendships through group circle times and structured social interaction-based activities, at all times possible.

Our Intent

Students supported within the Nurture Provision are provided with a broad and balanced curriculum and high-quality learning activities underpinned by:

  • First-hand learning experiences and purposeful interactions, both within the classroom setting, outdoor learning spaces and off-site educational visits.
  • Staff effectively delivering ‘in the moment planned learning opportunities’ and carefully planned adult or child-initiated activities.
  • Developing the skills and attitudes our students require in order to successfully move through the school and in life beyond Abbot’s Lea School.
  • Our desire is to foster a love of learning and ensure all of our students enjoy coming to school by making each day happy, positive and fun in line with Our Golden Rules.
  • Our aim is to instill the Characteristics of Effective Learning such as independence, resilience and confidence through our planned environment and activities.
  • Our aim is to develop all of our students’ ability to communicate effectively and develop their ability to self-regulate through the support of our Multidisciplinary Team and Positive Behaviour Support strategies.
  • Our commitment is to build positive relationships and work in partnership with our families to support all students in order for them to develop and learn.

Our Implementation

Within the Nurture Provision, we implement a holistic approach to education, valuing each student as an individual with different starting points on their learning journey regardless of their age or time they have spent in our school. All our students are supported through achieving their next steps in learning, developing their social communication and emotional regulation skills until either they transition into one of our classes delivering more academic content in line with the National Curriculum or continuing within The Nurture Provision.

When supporting our students, we believe play is a powerful tool for learning and aim to provide our students with play-based learning opportunities through offering a continuous learning provision. Through play, our students explore and develop learning experiences, which enables them to make greater sense of the world. We ensure a multi-sensory approach to learning is tailored to suit each individual student based on their developmental journey and ensure opportunities for developing emotional resilience and self-regulation are available through using our Zones of Regulation © toolboxes.

Based on our knowledge of our students, we aim to provide a rich and varied ‘enabling’ environment, with planned resources to encourage exploratory play-based learning and challenge. The learning environment encompasses both indoor and outdoor provisions, which are of equal importance, and off-site learning opportunities to develop our students’ cultural capital and social awareness when accessing our local community.

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