Liverpool Writing Quality Mark

What a day!!!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we were awarded the Liverpool Writing Quality Mark today!

We were aiming for a Bronze Award but it turns out that we were too humble and shy and the Assessor felt that our Literacy practice was much better than that and she awarded the school with the Silver Award!

Simply wonderful!!!

We are truly thankful to the five leaders in charge of the curricular Literacy developments this year:

– Miss O’Neill, Key Stage Leader for Early Years and Key Stage One
– Mrs Walker, Key Stage Leader for Key Stage Two
– Mr Mason, Key Stage Leader for Key Stage There
– Miss Dallas, Key Stage Leader for Key Stage Four
– Mr Davenport, Key Stage Leader for Key Stage Five

You embraced the School Development Priority of Literacy and Numeracy and transformed the way we now teach our children to write!

We are deeply thankful for the work of all staff – teachers, HLTAs and TAs, as well as all colleagues who made resources and training available to help develop our practice this year – fantastic team effort!

Lastly, yet most crucially, we are so very proud of our students – from the little 3-year-olds to the adults in our KS5 classes:

All of you apply yourselves every day to the best of your ability and try your very hardest to learn, improve and grow!!! You are the reason we love teaching!

What next, we wonder…… 🙂