My Family Coach – free to sign up

We are happy to share with you a free online platform, created for families by Team Teach to help provide reliable and useful advice geared toward understanding children’s behaviour.

My Family Coach is full of useful resources, produced by experts in positive behaviour support, parenting, and education. You can find hours of free support – and this is being added to all the time.

This includes:

  • Quick Reads full of practical advice on a wide range of topics
  • Bite-sized podcast episodes discussing children’s behaviour, to listen to on the go
  • Video Talks offering expert advice on the issues affecting you
  • A free journal app to record, understand and support children through challenging times, with 130+ helpful hints and tips


They also offer specialised support when you need it:

  • Bookable online classes from their PBS experts
  • A wide range of online courses covering specific challenges
  • 1:1 online coaching sessions


After the disruption of COVID-19, many children are struggling with increased levels of anxiety, and families are trying to cope with the behaviours that brings.

My Family Coach gives you practical advice on a range of popular topics with expert insights into what your child’s behaviour is telling you. It helps you understand the reason behind behaviour that challenges, reduces arguments, and improves how your family communicates with each other.

It is free and simple to register.

Sign up for free and find out what My Family Coach has to offer: