Research Events

Here at Abbot’s Lea School, we aspire to become an International Centre of Autism Research, Education and Development.

International conference (June 2022)

Research Cafe

Research Focus Group 2018-2020

Our Research Focus Group, supported by students, families, staff, and allies within the Autism community, was established in 2018 and has continued to drive forward our Autism research initiatives at Abbot’s Lea School. New members have been welcomed at each meeting and it has been an excellent example of how our school works in close partnerships with organisations from other sectors.

Previous meetings have allowed the group to share experiences and perspectives on a variety of topics, which have included Employability and the existing provision for girls in specialist education.

Last year the Research Focus Group were tasked with the design of a whole school consultation to shape a research agenda that reflects the priorities of our school community. What is it that matters most to our students, their families, and the staff that work tirelessly to provide the best specialist education?


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