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Our Weekly News

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We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 23+

Well done to the students in Tasmania for all their amazing hard work! We wish you a happy, restful and safe half term and look forward to seeing you on out return.

Week 22+

Another great week in Tasmania Class this week! Students participated well in Internet Safety Day looking at how we can stay safe online and engaged in a sensible manner when learning about LGBTQ+ History Month.

Week 21+

The students have had another excellent week and have enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year.

The students have engaged well with researching facts about Chinese New Year and recording on Jamboards.

Well done to all students who demonstrated safe behaviour in the community when visiting Calderstone’s Park last Friday.

Week 20+

The students have had a positive week in Tasmania class and enjoyed learning all about British birds. The students have engaged well with a bird watch and made bird food to plan around the school site.

Week 19+

The students within Nurture have had another productive week in school and have been learning about religions followed around the world. The students have developed their understanding of the beliefs of others following Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Christianity. Well done to everyone for engaging well in meaningful debates and conversations and for showing tolerance towards others who hold different beliefs.

Week 18+

This week in Tasmania class we were very busy preparing for our celebration event this Friday. The event is to celebrate our students taking part in in an OCR Living and Life skills qualification. The students will be displaying their artwork and organising an event to share their success with the wider school.

The students also enjoyed a walk to a local supermarket and practiced their social communication skills with staff in the store. This week we also say goodbye to our HLTA Miss O’Callaghan and TA Mrs Grant.

They would both like to thank all of the students in Tasmania class for welcoming them into their class and always making them smile. Miss O’Callaghan and Mrs Grant will miss the students and staff very much and wish all every success in the future.

Week 17+

We returned to school this week after our festive break. It is great to see our students back and look forward to seeing the rest next week.

This week we focused on our resolutions for 2022. We reflected on our highlights of 2021 and each came up with a goal for this year.

We look forward to supporting our students this term with their goals!

Week 15+

In Tasmania class this week we have continued our celebrations for Christmas.

We made some Christmas biscuits in Food Technology that could also be hung on a Christmas tree as decorations.

We all enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch together and shared jokes!

On Friday we look forward to attending a pantomime at the Epstein Theatre. We have been preparing by looking at photographs of the venue and learning about the timetable for the day and what to expect.

We are very proud of our students in class and hope they enjoy the festive fun!

Week 14+

This week in Tasmania class we have been learning about how Christmas is celebrated across the world. We travelled the globe and learnt about different cultures and traditions. In Food Technology we made veggie snacks and savoury pancakes. Our students experimented with different dips to spread on the vegetables. We enjoyed a walk in the local community and look forward to another trip to a local place of employability. We look forward to learning about different jobs in careers such as catering, retail and security.

Week 13+

This week in Tasmania class we have been doing a project on Climate change. We learnt all about protests through history and the different types of protest. One student even led their own peaceful protest about climate change in school.

It turns out many students in Abbots Leas are passionate about looking after our planet and have interesting things to say about it. We also look forward to a trip to Taskers on Friday to visit another place in the community that offers employment options.

In Food Technology this week this made some lamb kebabs. We marinaded and grilled lamb, vegetables and thread them onto a skewer.

Week 12+

This week in Tasmania class we have enjoyed researching about different care homes in the local area. We used google maps to locate care homes that we could design and send some Christmas cards to.

We talked about why it may be a nice idea to send Christmas cards to people who may feel lonely at Christmas time and how it might make them feel to receive the cards.

We also made a scrambled omelette in food technology with cherry tomatoes and cheese. We practiced cutting our tomatoes into quarters.

At the end of the week we are looking forward to a class trip to Dobbies to explore careers in local areas and practice our communication skills with staff and public.

Week 11+

This week in Tasmania class we focused on Anti-bullying.

We talked about what bullying is, why people may bully, how it affects people and how to get help if you are being bullied. The class had some really useful suggestions about tackling and learning about bullying.

In Food Technology we made scrambled eggs and oat cakes. The class selected chives to season their eggs.


Week 10+

This week in Tasmania class we learnt about Remembrance Day. We talked about the importance and significance of the day and its historical meaning. The class enjoyed making artwork to celebrate and represent the day. We also celebrated Children in Need. The students enjoyed coming to school in non-uniform and learning about how Children in Need supports our communities and families. We also continued to work hard on our comprehension, reading and Maths’s skills. Our students looked at subtracting two-digit numbers.

Week 9+

This week in Tasmania class we have done some Science. We investigated how the molecules from oil and water interact and added in a chemical reaction that was fun to watch! We also talked a lot about Bon Fire Night. We learnt about different foods that are eaten around this time and even made some of the foods in our food technology lesson. We also looked at some famous firework displays from around the world. We saw amazing displays from New York, London and Milan. A great first week back for Tasmania class!

Week 8+

This week in Tasmania class we made some Butternut squash soup as part of our Halloween themed week. We softened some Butternut Squash in a frying pan and blended with some cream and sage to make a delicious soup. We also enjoyed two school trips this week.

On Wednesday we travelled to Claremont Farm on the Wirral to select a pumpkin to carve together in class. We also visited the farm shop and learnt about the produce that is grown at the farm. On

Thursday we enjoyed a walk to a local post-box. We discussed about the change of seasons and how our environment is changing now we are in Autumn.

Week 7+

This week in Tasmania class we continued to work on our White Rose Maths.

We looked at counting up in twos and fives. We worked really hard on our understanding ADHD project. We learnt about how people with ADHD feel sometimes and we explored being “in their shoes” and how we can be a good supportive peer in times of need.

Week 6+

This week in Tasmania class we continued to work hard in Food Technology. We roasted parsnips in parmesan, and all agreed they would make a great side dish on our Christmas Dinners this year. We also enjoyed a class trip to visit Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. We learnt about the history of the building and the architecture. We also found the golden mouse and rubbed its nose for good luck! We continued to work on our phonics.

Week 5+

This week in Tasmania class we practiced using Filo pastry. We made some Lamb samosas, it took a lot of practice for staff and students to make them into a triangle shape! We continued to practice our Maths skills and used Base Ten and Numicon to help us group into tens and ones.

We went on our first school trip of the school term in our life skills session. We planned and mapped out famous Liverpool landmarks and then used our checklists to mark off which ones we spotted. The students really enjoyed learning about some of our city’s history.

Week 4+

This week in Tasmania class we have carried on with our Food Technology recipe booklet.

We made an Eaton mess with fresh fruit, natural yoghurt and crumbled meringue nests. We have continued to work hard on White Rose Maths. We have practiced using our base ten boards and sorting Tens and Ones.

We also did some research about recycling in our city and landfill sites.

Another great week for Tasmania class!

Week 3+

This week in Tasmania class we worked really hard with our comprehension tasks in English. We took turns to help correct Mr. Terry’s spelling on the whiteboard!

We also celebrated Roald Dahl Day this week. We learnt about the famous books he wrote and choose our favourite storyline. We all had lots of fun designing our own Charlie and The Chocolate Factory chocolate wrapper. One of our students described their’ s as “choctastic”! Goodluck with finding the golden ticket Tasmania class!

We also made some blackberry smoothies in Food Technology and learnt how to steam vegetables to support our health and development. In Maths we are really enjoying using our new Maths equipment, it is really going to help our students to become Maths masters. Well done on a fantastic week Tasmania class.


Week 2+

The students have settled well during their first week back in school and have engaged well with their learning. The students have enjoyed exploring the outdoors; picking blackberries on the school grounds to complement next week’s food technology recipes whilst understanding how they can protect and maintain the environment through sustainable farming. It has been a pleasure to welcome all the students back into school and to hear all about their exciting Summer holidays!

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