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Our Weekly News

In the boxes below, you can read about our best moments in school.
We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 23+

Wales class have enjoyed their last week of term 3! This weeks theme was friendship.

We read the story the love monster & the last chocolate in English.

We celebrated our friends in wales class, by telling each other what they do to make us feel proud.

We’ve enjoyed lots of sensory time in the outdoors and have loved watching the wind move footballs around.

We hope you have a lovely half term, see you soon for the start of term 4.

Week 22+

This week in wales class we have been super busy working hard in our maths lessons! We have also been enjoying listening to our teachers read “Once upon a time online” as we have been discussing the importance of staying safe online.

Week 21+

In Wales class this week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year through lots of different activities.

We enjoyed watching the lions dancing, it taught us all about the Chinese culture!

In maths, the boys have been making amazing progress in learning 2D shapes, numbers up to 50 and multiplication.

In English we have been reading the Chinese zodiac story and had discussions about what we have found out about the traditions that take place.

The boys also enjoyed making delicious pizza! They liked to touch and smell all the different ingredients and enjoy eating the pizza.

We have spent lots of time outdoors going for walks and using the park!

Wales class also said goodbye to Mr Howarth-Maddison who we will all truly miss!

Have a great weekend 🙂

Week 20+

This week Wales class have really enjoyed learning all about birds. We made our own binoculars and walked around school grounds to find and listen to birds. We loved rock climbing in PE this week.
We enjoyed reading free-range Freddie in English.

Week 19+

This week Wales class have been learning about different types of world religions and the festivals they celebrate. In PE we learnt a dance where we spun around like dreidels and in art we made handprint menorahs. In English we listened to the stories of Jonah and the big fish and Rama and Sita. Have a lovely weekend.

Week 18+

This week we’ve been learning about Children’s Mental health. We explored this though the book the colour monster, linking it to the zones of regulation that we use in class already. The children made their own colour monsters, described what they feel when they are in different zones and spoke about different strategies that we could use to help us to feel ‘calm and relaxed’. The children all wrote a letter to the blue colour monster telling him what helps them ‘get to green’, the letters were very varied and we discussed how we all need different things.

We’ve enjoyed lots of time outside this week, we filled a giant tray up with slime in our outdoor area, played with orbeez, made a fish tank with a giant squid, we enjoyed our weekly visit to the park on Friday and are really looking forward to next weeks learning!

This week Mr Riozzi started in Wales class as a new TA, the boys have really welcomed him into the classroom. On Friday we celebrated Miss Lea and Kaiden’s birthdays!

Have a lovely weekend, Wales Class Team 😊

Week 17+


We’ve had a lovely week this week, we’re really looking forward to all our learning in Term 3!

The weekly themes this will be:

Week 17 – New Year and Resolutions
Week 18 – Children’s Mental Health Week
Week 19 – World Religion Week
Week 20 – Big School Bird Watch Week
Week 21 – National Story Telling Week
Week 22 – National Apprenticeship Week / Internet Safety Week
Week 23 – Valentine’s Day and Friendships Week

This week we have spoken about Christmas, we wrote thank you letters to Santa and spoke about what we’d like to do in 2022, we had some amazing ideas including learning how to bake chocolate cakes. We Celebrated Ansel’s Birthday this week and really enjoyed our cake!

If you need anything or if you need to tell us anything email

Week 15+

This week has been very fun in Wales class. We’ve been learning about the next season winter. We learnt all about penguins, their life cycles and asked research questions that we then used iPads to research.

We made lovely art work inspired by Picasso’s starry night.

We’ve looked at snowflakes and spoke about what makes us unique. We made Christmas cards and gifts for people at home. We enjoyed a festive day dressing up in our favourite Christmas outfits on Thursday

We had a lovely party in class on Friday to celebrate Charlie S’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Charlie! 🙂

We’re looking forward to our last 2 days next week, remember that we finish on Tuesday at 1PM

Week 14+

Wales have had a great week this week.

We have been reading Santa Jaws in English.

In Maths we have been doing shapes and patterns.

We have been learning how to differentiate the differentiate sea creatures in Science to keep up with the theme of our book.

On Wednesday we enjoyed a class trip Key Stage trip to Imagine That which was lots of fun.

We have been practicing our words for the Nativity and then of course wore our fantastic Christmas jumpers on Friday.

Week 12+

This week’s theme across nurture was ‘saying sorry’, in wales class we chose to explore this through the book ‘Naughty Bus’. In the book a young boy receives a toy bus as a present and has great fun exploring the world with his new toy which turns out to be a bus that doesn’t always make the right choices. The boys loved the story and happily recreated scenes of the bus driving through the family’s breakfast!

We spoke as a class about making good choices and made up a song about where our bus would go if we were in charge of it. All boys made great choices in their songs and suggested that the bus should say sorry to anyone that it had upset! – Great work Wales class!

In Maths this week we have continued learning about shapes, practiced our number bonds to 10 & 100, and some boys finished our Addition & Subtraction White Rose Maths unit. Well done!

In Food Tech this week we made beans on toast inspired by the naughty bus book!

As always we’ve enjoyed lots of time in the outdoors and we can’t wait for the new playground to open next week.

We hope you have a lovely weekend, see you next week,

The Wales Class Team



Week 11+

This week our theme has been Anti-Bullying. We studied the book Enemy Pie! The boys made their own friendship pies and discussed the different kind of qualities you look for in a friend. We gave out kindness tokens to people who we had seen being kind around the school.

We celebrated Charlie B’s Birthday this week! Happy Birthday Charlie!

We enjoyed our first group session with Miss Smith SALT, who showed us some very cool tricks with foam!

See you next week Wales Class Team 😊

Week 10+

This week in Wales Class we celebrated Mrs Leyland’s birthday, said goodbye to one of our class team Miss McGee, we had a lovely class party to say goodbye.

We’ve enjoyed lots of sensory play and fun in the outdoors, learning our phonics sounds S, V and SS.

In Life Skills this week we learnt about road safety and created our own Hi Vis clothing, shining torches to check that we were reflective. We held a 1 minute silence on Remembrance day and the whole class came together to make a collaborative wreath.

See you all next week, Wales Class Team 🙂

Week 9+

WOW What a first week back! Welcome to Term 2!

This week the boys have been learning all about the gunpowder plot & bonfire night!

We’ve spoken lots about firework & sparkler safety, made our own ‘fireworks’ and created edible sparklers.

In English we’ve created several poems around bonfire night, we’ve used onomatopoeia making up our own words for the noises fireworks make. In Maths we have continued working on number, working out ‘fact families’ for different amounts and singing lots of fun maths songs!

We’ve enjoyed lots of time in our outdoor space this week in our wellies and waterproofs! Looking forward to week 2 of term 2.

Wales Class Team 😊

Week 8+

This week Wales class have enjoyed reading funnybones. We’ve enjoyed singing the skeleton song and dancing pointing to our different bones. We found bones with different faces on and sorted them into the different zones of regulation.

In Maths we’ve enjoyed using part part whole frames and learning lots about the number 8. Well done to some of our class who have been perfecting their 3 times tables this week!

We’ve done so much art this week, we’ve loved creating our own spiders webs with handprint spiders, hand x-rays, Frankenstein’s monster heads, pumpkin paintings, sunset bat paintings and made our own skeletons based on the funnybones book!

We’ve loved food tech this week making our own Halloween biscuits and apple lollypops.


We’ve had a wonderful Term 1 and are really looking forward to starting term 2. We hope you have a lovely restful half term, see you on the 1st of November, Wales Class Team. 😊

Week 7+

This week in Wales class we’ve read the story ‘We’re going on a pumpkin hunt!’ We have enjoyed sequencing the story using stickers. We planted our own pumpkins, created our own pumpkin art work & wrote sentences all about them.  We even went on a real pumpkin hunt to Abbot’s Lea school pumpkin patch where we found our own pumpkins to investigate and carve back at class! In Maths we’ve completed our Number place value white rose unit and assessment, the boys did very well and tried so hard!


We completed mindfulness yoga for world mental health day on Monday, and have enjoyed lots of sensory circuits and play with spaghetti, corn flakes and rice!


Keep sending us your weekend photos for news on Monday it’s lovely to hear the boys talk about what they’ve been up to.


See you next week for the last week of term 1!


Wales Class Team 🙂

Week 6+

This week in Wales class we started our new topic of ‘Love’. In English we read the story the Love Monster, we spoke about our favourite part and who we love. In art we made our very own love monsters and drew pictures of our families. In maths we have been matching heart patterns and numbers and in phonics matching sounds and pictures. We have enjoyed spending time in our new outdoor area and we spoke about how we help our families at home.

Week 5+

For English this week Wales class have been reading the Leaf Man book. following the theme off this book, we enjoyed an autumn stroll and spoke about what Autumnal changes we can see and collected some nice leaves.

In Math’s we have been working amazingly hard at counting backwards, one more and one less. some pupils have been learning to count in ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ up to 50 too.

We have done many artsy Autumn projects such as creating hand print acorns, leaf sun catchers, autumn fairies and tree paintings!

We enjoyed celebrating European day of languages.

Week 4+

This week Wales class have worked really well.

For English we have been reading Chrysthanthemum.

In Math’s we have been learning our place value. Using more than and less than.

We have done plenty of drawing and painting, including painting our family members.

Everyone has enjoyed plenty of sensory time throughout the days to keep us calm and regulated for work activities.

To celebrate recycling week and national fitness day this week we have spoken about what materials can be recycled and drawn pictures of our favourite sports/exercises.

Lastly, we have been practicing our handwriting every day.

Week 3+

Wales class have had a positive busy week.

We been making playdough apples to help us count up in Maths.

We have read the enormous crocodile book in English. Following the theme of the book we used paper plates and feathers to create our own Roly Poly birds.

We completed many Roald Dahl activities such as creating our own potions like in George’s marvellous medicine.

Every day we have practiced our hand writing and enjoyed lots of sensory play with sand, bubbles, water, stepping stones and much more.

On Tuesday we made our own fruit salad, everyone assisted with cutting and mixing the different fruits.

Week 2+

Wales class have had a lovely first week back, we drew our self-portraits and made all about me rainbows. In English we have been reading Giraffes can’t dance and were able to sequence the story and looked at how Gerald the Giraffe was feeling throughout the story. We also talked about the things that we are good at. We went on a nature walk around the school and checked off all the things we saw. We have enjoyed exploring cause and effect using the bubbles on the yard and building with the kinetic sand, seeing how it moves and feels.

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