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Week 3+

Australia class has had a very busy second week.

We have been continuing to explore Alchemy Island and how we can use mapping to plot our journey through this Fantasy island. We have written numerous short stories each unique and fantastic to read. On Monday it was Roald Dahl day and we looked at some of the fantastic books the great author had created. We discovered that Abbot’s Lea School is filled with portal ideas for our big writes (fortunately we did not lose Mr Hatton in one of the many portals). Australia engaged well with looking at the human body and how the heart powers the entire body. After all this hard work Australia class made a delicious risotto that even the great Gordon Ramsay would be proud of. A fantastic week for Australia class with another very happy and proud team.

Week 2+

Australia class has had a very positive first week back. The pupils have shown that they are ready for the new school year and the class team could not be prouder of what they achieved so far. From looking at small extracts of fantasy writing to holding debates on whether pupils should choose their own lessons, (which ended in a tie) Australia class has hit the ball running. The class project is looking at Alchemy Island and even though the quest has only just begun so much has been done already from locating key features on the map to landscape drawing. We are looking forward to continuing this project and can’t wait to see what this school year has in store for Australia class.

Working hard in PE

Exploring the world according to HG Wells

Investigating exercise and our heart rates


Links to open sessions at Hugh Baird College and Myerscough College for September.

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