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Week 31+

It has been a good week of learning for Class Australia. We have explored some crucial issues in modern society. In Science, we have been looking at and comparing the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy sources. As part of Geography, we have been exploring the concept of food miles and working out how far our food has to travel before it reaches our plate and the environmental impact this will have.  The class has also done really well taking part in assessments this week as we look at the progress we have made together. Well done Class Australia.

Week 30+

Australia class have had a good week of learning this week. As part of our learning this week, we have developed a range of ideas to help us each stay in the Green Zone the optimum zone learning. In Maths, we looked at understanding and interpreting line graphs. Then in Life Skills, we had a variety of activities looking at who to ask for help and support when we need help it. We are really proud of the increasing maturity of many of the class being shown as we move through the year.

Week 29+

This week students have been having a go at mock exams. The students have had a go at their English, Maths and ICT. The students have done really well taking on this new challenge and experience we are really proud of them.

We have also had fun this week making perfect plant salad in Food Technology and getting outside to do football, dancing or going for a walk as part of PE.

Week 28+

It has been a good solid week of learning for Class Australia. We have had been working on ‘our allotment’ project and had a go at designing our allotment in Design Technology. In English, we have written a report on our allotment and an advertisement for it too. We have also enjoyed some great sessions doing outdoor learning in both Art sketching our woodland area and also in PE where some of us went for a woodland walk and others took part in outdoor circuit training and football. We are looking forward to being able to get outside more to do our learning over the coming hopefully sunny spring and summer.

Week 27+

Students have returned well from the Easter break and it has been a really good week of learning. We have had a Science focus this week. In this, we have been looking at exploring our universe looking into the planets, night and day and the stars. The students enjoyed making planet biscuits and creating diagrams of how the planets are set up in the solar system. Students also really enjoyed Life Skills this week where we were using our problem-solving skills to work out how to cross part of the school field on PE mats without touching the grass. The students greatly enjoyed this activity.

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