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In the boxes below, you can read about our best moments in school.
We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 35+

Wales Class have had an exciting week! We have had a visit from Paul who taught us some Judo throws and we took part in some fun games to practice our coordination skills. In English, we read Hello Lighthouse. We predicted the story and then recalled the story. We even made our own 3D lighthouses in Art! In Maths, we have been focusing on doubles up to 10 and 2s, 5,s and 10s multiplication word problems. We were given a question and completed a sensory circuit to find our answer. In Science we discussed summer around the world. We explored different countries in the Southern equator and discovered they have Christmas in summer! In Geography we sorted different objects that we may find at the beach into natural and manmade materials. In Food technology we used different skills such as weighing, pouring, mixing and cracking eggs to create a Victoria sponge, it was delicious! In PSHE we discussed why it is important to recycle and explored different items we can recycle and what bin we use.

We have had a brilliant week this week and are looking forward to the next.

Have a lovely weekend,

Wales Class Team 🙂

Week 34+

Class Wales have had an action packed first week back full of amazing visits! We had a visit from Alldays Farm. We got the chance to meet and pet different farm animals such as goats, pigs, sheep and a pony! We discussed how to care for them, where they originate from and what types of food they eat. We had an amazing time and learnt so much! We also had a visit from Cycle for life, the children completed different circuits, which helped us practice skills that we need to ride a bike such as balance, core strength and coordination. We then got the chance to ride bikes and discussed how to stay safe on the roads. We had a great morning in the sun! We also had a Judo session with Paul the children practiced different skills such as different ways of moving and explored different Judo holds such as the chest hold and how we can escape from it.

This term our new topic is the seaside. In Geography, we used all of our senses to explore what we can see, hear, smell, taste and ouch as the seaside. We thought of our own ideas and then discussed different ideas as a class. In English, we read Sally and the limpet. We explored different objects to identify the setting of the story and we then sequenced the story. In Maths, we explored doubling. In food tech we made our own apple crumple, we followed a set of instructions and learnt some new cooking techniques to create it. It was so yummy! In Art, we created our own desert island using pencil and coloured pencils. We practiced our pencil control and made sure we stayed in the lines when colouring in. In PSHE, we discussed ways to make our environment cleaner. We also performed our class dance for Abbot’s Lea’s Got Talent final! We were amazing, and are hope we win!

We have had a great week, and would like to thank all of our visitors!

Have a lovely weekend,

Class Wales Team

Week 33+

Wales Class have had an exciting week! In English, we read That’s not my snail and Superworm. We then crated our own adjectives on how to describe the snails shell and Superworm in a multi-sensory way! We had lots of fun exploring different materials and we got messy! In Maths, we have been exploring coordinates. We plotted counters on a map and discovered the coordinates of different minibeasts. In Food Technology, we discussed what alternative foods we could make to create a healthy breakfast. We then made banana and blueberry muffins. We weighed, poured and stirred the ingredients. They we delicious! In Art, we crated our own ladybird symmetry pictures. We carefully drew and coloured half of our ladybird making sure each half was symmetrical.  In PE, we had our last yoga session with Miss Katie. We worked on our peer yoga poses and practiced our deep breathing. We made Miss Katie cards during the week to say thank you for our wonderful sessions. We have learnt many strategies from Miss Katie that help to keep us in the green zone. In PSHE, we discussed what number we need to call in an emergency, and whom we need to ask for, depending on what our emergency is.

We have had a brilliant term learning about minibeasts and are looking forward to finding out what fun topic we have next.

Have a lovely weekend and a relaxing half term,

Wales Class Team 🙂

Week 32+

Wales Class have had a brilliant week. We celebrated Outdoor day and British sandwich week by making our own ham and cheese sandwich and having a teddy bears picnic. We show cased our teddy bears from home and joined in with some of our favourite nursery rhymes. In English, we explored different nursery rhymes and discussed rhyming words. In Maths, we have been exploring lines of symmetry. We decorated our own butterflies with paint and pom- poms making sure both wings were symmetrical. In Science, we ordered the life cycle of a butterfly. We then released our own class butterflies into our school grounds and watched them fly away. In food tech we made healthy banana pancakes, which could be ate at breakfast. We tried them with maple syrup and raspberries and they were so yummy! In Music we composed are own music and explored mini beast musical notation to follow different beats.

We have had a brilliant week and are looking forward to next.

Have a lovely weekend,

Wales Class Team.

Week 31+

Class Wales have had a brilliant week! We have read why, do we need bees and used the facts we have learnt to create our own bee books! In Maths, we carried on and created our own minibeast patterns. In RE we explored what is Eid and why people celebrate it. We also created Eid cards for a member of our class who celebrates Eid. We have practiced really hard for the talent show, Abbots Lea has got talent! We are so excited to showcase our amazing class dance and are keeping our fingers crossed that we do well. In PSHE, we discussed the people who help us and the people in our communities that can help us. We had a visit from Katie who delivered a yoga session. We practiced our deep breathing and yoga stretches. In Food Technology, we also baked our own granola. We used different seeds such as sunflower seeds to add vital vitamins to a healthy breakfast. It was so yummy!

We have had a brilliant week and are looking forward to the next.

Have a lovely weekend and a Happy Eid!

Week 30+

Class Wales have had a BEE brilliant week! This week we have been learning all about bees. In English, we have read the information book ‘Bee Book’. We picked out facts using tweezers from rice and discussed them as a class. We also played wheel of fortune and answered comprehensive questions about bees. We also created our own bee book using the facts we have discovered. In Science, we labelled different parts of a bee. We know they have 2 antennae’s, 3 body parts and 6 legs. In Maths we have looked at our 2’s,3’s,5’s and 9 times table on a number square and discussed the different patterns we could see emerging. In ICT, we have created our own Chatta boards, we chose our own photos that we saved and inserted. In RE we discussed Ramadan and explored different mosques and labelling the special features of the building. In PSHE, we discussed our class rules and the importance of sharing and turn taking.

We have had a great week and are looking forward to the next.

Week 29+

Wales class have had an amazing week this week. In English, we have researched ladybird facts and used Chatta to share them and created fact files! In Maths, we have been using the balancing scales to weigh different items in grams and order them in weight order. Some of us also explored equivalent weights!  In Science, we have had fun investigating a real life ladybird. We counted the ladybird’s spots using a magnifying glass, measured it and explored if it weighed more or less than a gram.  In Food Tech, we tasted all the items that we have on heathy full English breakfast. We also made scrambled egg and observed the eggs cooking in the microwave. In RE we explored the celebration Ede. We listened to a Chatta made by one of our parents explaining how they celebrate at home. In PSHE, we discussed things we have in common with our friends in class. We also discussed that it is ok for us to like different things too.

Week 28+

Class Wales have had a very exciting week In English we have read ‘What the ladybird heard.’ We told the story through role-play, retold the story using Chatta and a story map. In Maths, we have been exploring capacity. We experimented with different containers and used pom- pom, cubes and tonic water to find the capacity of different containers and some of us used ML’s! We also used a UV light which made our tonic water glow!  In Science, we went on a mini beast hunt around our school grounds and discussed the microhabitats the mini beasts we found would live in. We also observed our caterpillars and sunflower plants and discussed the change we could see. In PSHE, we explored the things we have in common with others in our class such as our favourite food and colour. In P.E., we took part in a yoga session and practiced our deep breathing skills and yoga poses. We also took part in peer massage with was really calming. In Food Technology, we made our own scones. We followed the recipe, sieved our flour, and crumpled our butter into the mixture. We enjoyed eating them with jam and cream… they were delicious!

We have had an exciting week this week and looking forward to next week.

Week 27+

We have had an exciting first week back in Wales Class. Our new topic this term is mini beasts! In Maths, we have been measuring leaves and mini beasts in cm, using a ruler. We then compared and ordered the different lengths. In Food Technology, we followed instructions and made our own breakfast pots, they were so yummy! In English, we used Chatta to create a set of instructions to make our breakfast pots and we wrote them too! In Science, we planted our own sunflower seeds. We then read Katie and the sunflowers then made and recorded predictions of what our sunflower will look like when it grows. In Art, we explored Van Gogh’s Sunflower. We discussed what colours where used and what shapes we could see. We also drew our own sunflowers in the style of Van Gogh. This term we are also taking part in yoga sessions with Katie. We have been practicing our breathing techniques and our yoga poses. In PSHE, we discussed ways in which we are unique and shared them with the class.

We have had a brilliant first week back and are looking forward to the next.

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