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Our Weekly News

In the boxes below, you can read about our best moments in school.
We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 31+

This week in Botswana class, we have loved going swimming.  We have shown amazing listening and swimming skills. We have enjoyed building construction with LEGO, food tech making veggies pizza’s and working hard in Maths on TT Rock stars.

Week 30+

This week in Botswana, we have been carrying on our learning on statistics, tally charts and bar charts. We came up with our own investigation questions and collected the data from other students around school. For out topic, we have been learning about Non-Newtonian fluids. We did an experiment with corn flour and water to see how it behaved when different forces where added to it – cut, held, poured and punched. We have built lots’ of amazing structures using LEGO this week. We enjoyed the assembly this week all about superheroes, discussing who our favourite superheroes are.

Week 29+

This week in Botswana class, we continued our theme of ‘Potions’ in our project work. We painted the potion bottles we made out of clay last week and mixed different solids and liquids to create our very own potions. In Maths, we continued to learn about statistics and drew our pictograms and bar charts. In PE, we have been doing hockey and learning how to control the ball when dribbling it around cones – we finished the lesson by having a relay race! We have also been on a sensory walk around the school grounds this week, where we identified what we could hear, smell, feel and see.

Week 28+

This week the pupils in Botswana class have been learning about statistics and data, using Tally chart, Pictograms and Bar Charts.

During English, the pupils have been learning about adverts and the ways in which they persuade people to buy their products.

In Design Technology, the pupils used their designs from the previous week to make a potion container from clay, which they will paint next week.

In Science, we have been testing different liquids to see how runny they are.

Week 27+

This week we have introduced our new topic of Potions and started to read out class book Alice’s adventures in wonderland. We have been learning about tally charts and pictograms in maths. We have made a magic potion using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and recorded the reaction. We have also learnt when a solid and a liquid are mixed together, a gas can be produced – this was demonstrated by our magic potion experiment. In art, we designed our own potion bottles. We hope you all have a lovely and restful weekend.

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