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Our Weekly News

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Week 3+

This week in Botswana class we have been focusing on writing our own fables in English. We created our own moral and designed a story around this. In maths we have been looking at roman numerals and answering calculations around this. In project we have been discussing volcanoes and created our own volcano mosaics. In food technology we created our own stir fry. Students have worked really hard this week. Have a great weekend 🙂

Week 2+

Botswana Class

This week in Botswana we have been focusing on fables in English. We have been discussing the moral within the fable. In maths we have looked at place value and practiced rounding numbers to the correct 10,100,1000’s. In project we have introduced our topic based on tremors. In food technology this week we completed spaghetti bolognaise. The students have worked extremely hard this week and have settled great into class.  Enjoy your weekend!


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