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Our Weekly News

In the boxes below, you can read about our best moments in school.
We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 3+

A great week for Brazil class.

This week we have completed some science experiments for our project. We made our own volcanoes using fruit. It was great to watch the reaction when mixing bicarbonate of soda with the citrus fruits.

In Maths we are partitioning numbers to 1000. We have been using our base 10 resources and place value cards to help us understand our hundreds, tens and ones. In food Technology we made chicken and vegetable noodles and in PE we practised our football skills. In English we talked about the story The Boy Who Cried Wolf and linked it to our truth and lie lesson. We wrote two truths and 1 lie each. We read them out to our class, and we had to find out which was the lie. It was great fun !.

Have a lovely weekend, Brazil class team.

Week 2+

Welcome back to school Brazil class !

We have had a great week settling into new routines and structure in class.

This week we have completed some getting to know you activities and we shared our summer holiday news. In Maths we have been using our new base 10 resources to complete number activities and in English we have been reading fables. Our topic this half term is Tremors. We started this topic by finding out what is under our feet, we talked about the crust, mantle, outer core and inner core. Towards the end of this week, we found out about tectonic plates and how volcanoes are formed. In Food Technology we made pasta bolognese, delicious ! Can all parents please return the boxes to school when finished, ready for next week’s pasta dish to be sent home. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend, Brazil class team.

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