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Week 31+

This week in Brazil class, the students have continued exploring Non Chronological texts in English. The students have developed their knowledge of pronouns and prepositions and will be using this knowledge when they write their own review next week. In Food Tech, the students made healthy pitta bread pizzas and were able to demonstrate safe and sensible chopping methods to cut vegetables. We look forward to another amazing week of learning next week.

Week 30+

This week in Brazil class, we have started looking at non-chronological texts. We have read a variety of reviews and decided if they are partial or impartial reviews. In Maths, we have started our topic on statistics and the students have practised using pictograms to present data from tally charts. The students have also created beautiful fruit smoothies in our Food Technology lesson. It has been a great week of learning in Brazil class, and we look forward to another fun week next week!

Week 29+

This week in Brazil, the students have continued with persuasive writing. We have looked at conjunctions, how beneficial they can be when we are writing persuasively. The students took part in a History lesson looking at the history of anaesthesia, given a location on a map and had to hunt on our field to find different information pieces on anaesthesia. The students then arranged these in chronological order on a timeline. It has been a positive week of learning in Brazil class and we wish everybody an enjoyable bank holiday weekend.

Week 28+

This week Brazil class have been looking at persuasive writing, specifically adverts. The students have looked at features of adverts and have written their own advert to persuade people not to buy it; the students have tried extremely hard with this activity and should be proud of their efforts. We have also looked at viscosity this week, with the students conducting a fair investigation into which liquid flows quickest down a ramp. The students were able to conclude that honey had the highest viscosity. We look forward to another fun filled week of learning.

Week 27+

This week in Brazil class, we have been visiting Halewood Leisure Centre each morning. We have attended sessions taught by qualified swimming instructors to develop this important life skill of swimming. The students have practiced their front crawl, backstroke and confidence jumping into the water. We have also started our project on ‘Potions’ this week, with the students designing their very own potion bottle and making it out of clay. We have had an excellent week in Brazil class this week and all students should be very proud of their efforts.

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