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Our Weekly News

In the boxes below, you can read about our best moments in school.
We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 23+

Fiji class this week have enjoyed going to Asda to get the treats for the positivity party. The students had there own shopping list of items to purchase and pay for there own items.

We also enjoyed a visit to Green Bank college looking round at all the different courses on offer to us.

Have a restful half term and we will see you in a week.

Week 22+

This week in Fiji we have a really good national apprenticeship week listening in to zoom sessions of different apprenticeships we could apply for.

Week 21+

This week in Fiji we have made salt and pepper chicken and salt and pepper chips in food technology! This was enjoyed by everyone!

Maths we have been learning about metric measure. Use metric measures of length including millimetres, centimetres, metres and kilometres.

English we have continued looking at our story Demon Dentist and looking at conjunctions with in the story.

Have a good weekend.

Week 20+

This week Fiji Class have been learning about measure in our Math’s lessons. We used rulers and meter sticks to walk the school ground and measure various objects. We then measured ourselves and have kept a record of our height in the classroom.

During our English lessons we have learnt how to identify and produce compound sentences. We then wrote our own recount/predictions from a story we have been reading called Demon Dentist.

Week 19+

Monday was World Religion Day, Fiji class learnt about the different religions and their place of worship, practices and symbols. We then created our own 3D stain glass windows and designed

This week in our food tech lessons, we made chicken fajitas, we got a thumbs up from all students who tried the food. During our ICT lessons we have researched and created a PowerPoint about the NHS and Private Health Care, we then linked this into our English lessons and had a class debate on the pro’s and con’s of each sector and put forward our opinions on what would happen if the NHS become privatised.

Week 18+

This week in Fiji we have continued to work hard on our employability skills, linking them in to both English and Maths.  We have spoken about jobs in the NHS and wrote poems about them.

In maths we have been looking at fractions.  We really enjoyed our PE lesson playing basket ball, everyone tried really hard and a few great ‘hoops’ helped perfect our shooting skills.

Week 17+


Fiji’s new class teacher Miss Ham introduced herself and students completed a get to know me activity. We also created and presented our own Powerpoints for a recount of our Christmas break and set personal New Years resolutions to help us achieve targets for 2022.

During our PE lesson, we completed an orienteering task outside on which we used school phones to scan QR codes hidden around the school to help answer a number of questions.

During RE, we learnt how Christian values can help support us in the workplace and how this can provide us with positive morals and attitudes before leaving school life.

Week 15+
Week 14+
Week 13+

Fiji have had a wonderful week this week learning how to debate a range of topics from school uniforms to vaccines. Everyone has learnt that their opinions matter and that we must also listen to, and accept, that other people may have different opinions

In food technology we studied the tradition of afternoon tea. We make our own version in class including sandwiches, scones and cakes.

We also had a beautiful china tea set to use that belonged to Mrs Cooney’s grandma!

In Maths we have been learning  about, and interpreting line graphs and in RE we have looked at the role of the rabbi in Judaism. We tried Mattzo crackers and Chalah bread fresh from the Jewish bakery.

We have also continued with our project, planning activities for the Christmas party.

Week 12+

This week Fiji class have been looking at time in maths on analogue and digital clocks.

We have been doing descriptive writing in English and have written our own descriptive storied this week.

In PE we played games of basketball and badminton.

For food technology, we made fish, chips and mushy peas as this term’s topic is traditional dishes.

In employability, budgeting has been the main topic where we are looking at planning the schools Christmas party.

Week 11+
Week 10+
Week 9+

Fiji have had a very busy week this week doing exams and learning about division. We have completed Maths, reading, writing and ICT exams and have all been very respectful of the exam conditions. In Food Technology we have looked at and planned how to make cottage pie and we will be making this next. In RE we have been learning about spiritual leaders and really enjoyed learning about the Dali Lama. In PE we have enjoyed basketball and badminton again. We have also started our employability topic, planning the Christmas party. We are looking forward to next week.

Week 8+

This week in class Fiji students have been working hard completing mock exams in English, maths and ICT. In employability we have been looking at transport and travel training.

We have completed lots of reading focusing on bug club. We enjoyed our trip to the careers fair in Liverpool on Thursday.

Week 7+
Week 6+
Week 5+
Week 4+

We have a great week in Fiji learning about facts and opinions and have also started comprehension tasks on informative writing.

In Maths we have been learning how to convert pence into pounds and how to round to the nearest 10p.

In Food Technology we made spaghetti carbonara which we really enjoyed making and eating.

In PE we played basketball and badminton and in ICT we learnt how to use a search engine to find answers to questions.

In life skills we are looking at the importance of exercise.

We have also looked at information on colleges and will be visiting some soon.

Week 3+

This week class Fiji have been very busy! We celebrated Roald Dahl day on Monday by completing lots of different Roald Dahl inspired activities. We made our own spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread in food tech, and we have also started to research different colleges and what they all have to offer.

Week 2+

Fiji class have quickly settled in to Key Stage 5 and adapted to new learning. This week’s theme in KS5 has been team building and we have completed a range of different activities to work on class bonding.

We have worked on our team building skills, looking at different survival skills by doing activities such as putting up tents. We also made paninis this week in food technology, we put a range of ingredients on them and then grilled them. On a whole, the class have made a great start to the year and we look forward to the rest.

Our Students' Space+

This space is created by our students. Their perspective, voice, talents and ambitions are celebrated in our school, but we want our greater community to meet this inspiring group of young people. Read their updates and news in the boxes below.

Jake's Updates+

Liverpool Football Club

In PE we played a game with the LFC coaches. We had to pass a football to another player and they pass it back to us. Then in the iWill programme, we played a game called agree or disagree, where we stand up if we agree and sit down if we disagree. On the same day we made fruit salad, with lots of delicious fruit, like apples, banana, and tangerine.


Dylan's Updates+

Local class from Abbot’s Lea makes a movie!

Class Fiji from Abbot’s Lea School have decided to make a film based on the famous event ‘WW2’. It started during a class Zoom session, when a young student by the age of 14 had the idea of making a film based on World War 2.
“You could make a movie out of this,” Dylan, the one who had the idea in the first place.
The whole class were able to help out with the movie by performing as characters and narrating the story. The class started the film project in Term 4.
We will continue to update you all on the movie release date.

James's Updates+

Talent Show

I am doing rapping in the talent show and I am really excited about it because this is the first ever thing like this I have done and I am really excited about showing every one my bars and what I can do.
Miss Loughran is in charge of running the talent show. In the audition she is picking two from each key stage to go the final. I want to get to the final but I don’t think I will. I have been practicing daily and perfecting my bars.
I enjoy spending time outside during break and lunch with troy and Jacob g and some of the students in New Zealand. We play football, play dares and discuss things that are happening outside of school. I like this time to socialise with my friends.

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