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Week 3+

This week class Fiji have been very busy! We celebrated Roald Dahl day on Monday by completing lots of different Roald Dahl inspired activities. We made our own spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread in food tech, and we have also started to research different colleges and what they all have to offer.

Week 2+

Fiji class have quickly settled in to Key Stage 5 and adapted to new learning. This week’s theme in KS5 has been team building and we have completed a range of different activities to work on class bonding.

We have worked on our team building skills, looking at different survival skills by doing activities such as putting up tents. We also made paninis this week in food technology, we put a range of ingredients on them and then grilled them. On a whole, the class have made a great start to the year and we look forward to the rest.

Our Students' Space+

This space is created by our students. Their perspective, voice, talents and ambitions are celebrated in our school, but we want our greater community to meet this inspiring group of young people. Read their updates and news in the boxes below.

Jake's Updates+

Liverpool Football Club

In PE we played a game with the LFC coaches. We had to pass a football to another player and they pass it back to us. Then in the iWill programme, we played a game called agree or disagree, where we stand up if we agree and sit down if we disagree. On the same day we made fruit salad, with lots of delicious fruit, like apples, banana, and tangerine.


Dylan's Updates+

Local class from Abbot’s Lea makes a movie!

Class Fiji from Abbot’s Lea School have decided to make a film based on the famous event ‘WW2’. It started during a class Zoom session, when a young student by the age of 14 had the idea of making a film based on World War 2.
“You could make a movie out of this,” Dylan, the one who had the idea in the first place.
The whole class were able to help out with the movie by performing as characters and narrating the story. The class started the film project in Term 4.
We will continue to update you all on the movie release date.

James's Updates+

Talent Show

I am doing rapping in the talent show and I am really excited about it because this is the first ever thing like this I have done and I am really excited about showing every one my bars and what I can do.
Miss Loughran is in charge of running the talent show. In the audition she is picking two from each key stage to go the final. I want to get to the final but I don’t think I will. I have been practicing daily and perfecting my bars.
I enjoy spending time outside during break and lunch with troy and Jacob g and some of the students in New Zealand. We play football, play dares and discuss things that are happening outside of school. I like this time to socialise with my friends.

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