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In the boxes below, you can read about our best moments in school.
We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 31+

Fiji class have focused this week on restorative practice and the importance of using restorative practice when faced with challenging situations. We were lucky enough to welcome the RP Company into class and take part in some special activities. The students have really enjoyed these sessions and circle times. In Art, we have looked at the work of Wassily Kandinsky. The students have recreated some of his abstract paintings using their knowledge of primary and secondary colours. In Maths, we have looked at pie charts and percentages. The students applied their knowledge of statistics to create a shop using information provided in pie charts. Finally, in English the students have discussed having different viewpoints, and how to justify an argument. We used the debate topic “Are zoos good or bad?” The students all really enjoyed debating this topic using research findings to support their arguments.

Week 30+

Fiji have had a lovely week. We have welcomed a new student to our class and Fiji have all made him feel welcome. We had some introductory activities and all students have helped Ruben settle in and feel comfortable in his new surroundings. In Maths we have continued with statistics and managing data. This week we have looked at circles. Fiji class have learnt how to calculate the radius, the diameter and even practiced drawing perfect circles using their compasses. In English, we have created Billboard adverts for a piece of sports equipment. The students have selected items that they like and have encouraged their friends to buy their chosen item. As part of our LFC iWill programme, we have selected Animal cruelty to focus our social action programme. We have begun to brainstorm ideas for fundraising and came up with a list of places we could visit to raise awareness. Finally, in food technology, we have discussed alternative healthy desserts. This week we have made Fruit Tortilla sushi wraps and healthy cheesecakes. Overall, a really busy week but it has gone really fast! Enjoy your weekend Fiji class!!!

Week 29+

Fiji class have been super busy all week. We have worked really hard in Maths and have now moved onto line graphs. The students are able to draw and plot line graphs, read information from line graphs and discuss similarities and differences. In English, we have looked and conjunctions and clauses. The students have discussed which conjunction fits the sentence and then added it to their work. The aim is to make our writing more interesting. The students have done really well. Finally, in science, we have looked at safety labels and why they are important. The students have used their homework to find different safety labels in their homes. We have then designed our own labels for Alice’s bottle labelled “drink me” that we found out in the wooded area at school.

Week 28+

Fiji class have had a very exciting week. We have continued with our topic statistics in Maths and focussed on interpreting and presenting data. The class applied their knowledge of mathematical language to be able to solve word problems. We broke down the questions together and worked hard to ensure we understood what we where being asked. All of the students then individually answered a series of word problems. In English, we completed our persuasive adverts. The adverts used a range of techniques that we had learnt throughout the week. Fiji class are excited to perform and discuss their adverts next week. Finally, in key skills, we have focused on resilience and growth mindset. The class have discussed the importance of never giving up and working hard to reach a goal. We revisited the power of YET and added to our confidence jars. Overall a superb week for class Fiji. We are looking forward to continuing our learning journey next week.

Week 27+

Fiji class have been bust starting lots of new topics and projects this week. In Maths, we have begun looking at statistics. Students have created their own tally charts and presented their findings to the rest of the class using bar charts. In English, we have started a unit of work linked to persuasive language. We have spent time looking at adverts and the features we would expect to see. Fiji is looking forward to using this information to create their own adverts. Finally, we have started our new project Potions. We have enjoyed exploring this new learning journey… especially when we went on a treasure hunt around school. Fiji class were so excited to discover mystery bottles down in the woods labelled “drink me”. The students worked in groups to discuss what they think they should do. Overall a very exciting, busy week. Fiji class are looking forward to a relaxing weekend… they deserve it.

Our Students' Space+

This space is created by our students. Their perspective, voice, talents and ambitions are celebrated in our school, but we want our greater community to meet this inspiring group of young people. Read their updates and news in the boxes below.

Jake's Updates+

Liverpool Football Club

In PE we played a game with the LFC coaches. We had to pass a football to another player and they pass it back to us. Then in the iWill programme, we played a game called agree or disagree, where we stand up if we agree and sit down if we disagree. On the same day we made fruit salad, with lots of delicious fruit, like apples, banana, and tangerine.


Dylan's Updates+

Local class from Abbot’s Lea makes a movie!

Class Fiji from Abbot’s Lea School have decided to make a film based on the famous event ‘WW2’. It started during a class Zoom session, when a young student by the age of 14 had the idea of making a film based on World War 2.
“You could make a movie out of this,” Dylan, the one who had the idea in the first place.
The whole class were able to help out with the movie by performing as characters and narrating the story. The class started the film project in Term 4.
We will continue to update you all on the movie release date.

James's Updates+

Talent Show

I am doing rapping in the talent show and I am really excited about it because this is the first ever thing like this I have done and I am really excited about showing every one my bars and what I can do.
Miss Loughran is in charge of running the talent show. In the audition she is picking two from each key stage to go the final. I want to get to the final but I don’t think I will. I have been practicing daily and perfecting my bars.
I enjoy spending time outside during break and lunch with troy and Jacob g and some of the students in New Zealand. We play football, play dares and discuss things that are happening outside of school. I like this time to socialise with my friends.

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