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Our Weekly News

In the boxes below, you can read about our best moments in school.
We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 22+

This week in Cape Verde all students have worked really hard. They have been focusing on diamond poems in English and creating our own based on the night sky. In maths we have moved onto the area of shapes. We have listened carefully and are applying out multiplication skills to find the area of shapes. In Life skills we have been focusing on Money Matters and learning the aspect of money and how to budget. We discussed the importance of this especially for when we are older. In science we have continued to focus on rocks and soil and looked more closely into fossils. We discussed what fossils are and then we recreated our own fossils. In French we have focused on holidays and who we go on holiday with.  We repeated the French phrases. All students have worked really hard this week. Have a fantastic weekend. – Cape Verde Class Team.

Week 21+

An amazing week in Cape Verde our biggest highlight this week was when we were able to witness an amazing Lion dance in celebration of Chinese New Year. The pupils all enjoyed this amazing spectacle and were able to learn what animal they were linked to from their birth year.

It has been another fantastic week in Cape Verde and as always the staff are so proud of them all.

Week 20+

Cape Verde have had a great week this. We have continued to study the different types of rocks and how each type of rock is used. We have also looked at Andy Warhols famous soup can and designed our own Pop Art soup can. Another fantastic week from Cape Verde.

Week 19+

Cape Verde Class have worked really hard this week. In English they focused on writing their diary entries based on WW2 they included different writing skills such as first person , rhetorical questions and thoughts and feelings of characters. In Maths we have focused on different ways to calculate 3-digit multiplication sums. In food technology we created Chinese chicken noodle hot pot. Students took part in a rock erosion experiment and experimented using different types of rocks. Students created a prediction of what might happen during the experiment and observed what happens. Well Done for all your hard work Cape Verde Class!

Week 18+

Cape Verde have started on some amazing subjects this week and looking forward to building on them.

We have started to look at the amazing Pop art movement and the famous Andy Warhol artist. In English we are continuing to develop our own characters for writing our own evacuee diary entries in which the pupils have shown a keen interest in learning about what life was like for an evacuee.

In science we have started to look at different types of rock that can be found across the world and what each types qualities are.

A great week of learning for Cape Verde and Cape Verde team are so proud of all the pupils’ accomplishments so far.

Week 17+

Cape Verde is ready to start the new year and new term!

We have already had an amazing couple of days to get settled and continue our amazing learning.

We are starting to look at the story of the Hobbit a book that a few of us have already taken a great interest in.

In PE we are starting to look at Gymnastics and in life skills we are starting to look at the importance of money.

Even though this week has been short the pupils have made a great start!

Week 15+
Week 14+

This week in English we have been focusing on poetry. The poet we have been focusing on is Michael Rosen. We have focused on the ‘ Chocolate Cake’ poem and recognised the key features of a poem. We have redesigned our own version of our poems.  In maths we have continued to focus on our times tables. This week we have completed our 9 times tables and found common patterns. This week we started creating our own greenhouses using various different materials. We will continue to add to our designs later next week. Cape Verde have had a fantastic week and have worked really hard. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Week 13+

Cape Verde have been super busy this 1st week of December. We have looked at narrative poetry and a poem in particular called “Chocolate cake”.

Cape Verde have finally planned out what their own mini green houses are going to look like and next week will be getting ready to build them.

In Science we have looked at the different layers of soil for plant life to be to grow and will be making their own terrariums.

In geography it felt like we had travelled across the entire Europe continent as all the pupils were able to tell me something amazing about one European country that they had chosen.

Another fantastic week from Cape Verde!

Week 12+

Cape Verde have had an amazing week! We have continued to look at how to build a stable greenhouse and looked at the World’s Largest greenhouse in the UK The Eden project.

In Math’s they have continued to look at multiplying and dividing by 0 and 1 in which the pupils showed amazing progress. In English they have looked at how to effectively use similes to describe characters from the BFG.

In Science we have continued to look at plant growth and how seeds from a variety of plants disperse across terrains.

Another fantastic week for Cape Verde where the pupils keep producing amazing work and discussions!

Week 11+

Cape Verde have had a very busy week. We have been looking at the famous author Roald Dahl and how he used adjectives and similes to describe his characters in the BFG.

In science we have been looking at dissecting flowers to understand each part of the flower and it reproduces thanks to insects and wind.

In math’s we have been looking at dividing by 10 and 100 where Cape Verde have shown amazing hard work.

Another fantastic week from Cape Verde and each of them should be proud of what they have accomplished this week!

Week 10+

Cape Verde this week have been very busy. In English we have looked at the author Anthony Browne and the different stories that he has written and Cape Verde were able to find similarities to the way he writes and the style of drawings he used for his stories. This is setting us up to look at another very famous author next week. In math’s we have looked at multiplying by our 10s and 100s and have made great progress with this.

In science as it was world science day, we have been super busy and were able to do 2 experiments this week. One was making a super-sized lava lamp with the main ingredient being vegetable oil! The second was creating our own plant pots to help our tiny seeds grow into some amazing flowers in a couple of weeks.

Another amazing week in Cape Verde where fantastic pupils have done fantastic work.

Week 9+

Cape Verde have had an amazing week and helping Mr Hatton settle into their class as the new teacher. Since it is UK Parliament week Cape Verde have been looking at writing their own manifestos and what laws they would introduce to the UK (One of these laws was a four-day weekend!) They have also started to look at the plant growth cycle and studied the various plants that are around our very own school grounds. We have also looked at the history of bonfire night and what to do to have a fun and safe bonfire night on Friday. This has been an amazing week for Cape Verde and the class team are looking forward to some more super weeks.

Week 8+

This week Cape Verde have been up to lots of exciting activities. Here are the tasks the class have completed:

For English, the class have recapped homophones and how to use them in different sentences. As well as this, as it is coming up to Halloween the students have looked at spooky images and used adjectives to describe them. In Maths, the pupils have learnt how to add two and three digit numbers together using columns to separate the numbers. In food tech, we followed a recipe to make Halloween themed sausage mummies. And finally, as a class, we have taken part in creating and making Halloween decorations!

As always,  well done Cape Verde for all your hard work!

Week 7+

This week Cape Verde have completed the following activities:

For English, the students have learnt how to use apostrophes in their sentences as well as being able to find the differences between the homophones there, their and they’re and to, too and two.

In Maths, the pupils were able to add three-digit numbers together by separating the numbers into hundreds, tens and ones.

In food tech, the class followed a recipe to make a healthy stir fry.

Finally, as a class, we have looked at tornadoes and hurricanes and identified the similarities and differences between them.

Once again, well done Cape Verde for all your hard work this week!

Week 6+

This week started with a bang as Cape Verde class became Kenya class and we welcomed new pupils to our class!


We then looked at the following topics this week: in English the focus was on imperative verbs and writing our own set of instructions.

In Maths we continued working through our addition skills and in Food Tech we made a delicious tuna pasta bake this week!

Our Project focus this week was cantered around tsunamis and their devastating effects.  In P.E. we played dodge ball this week along with Seychelles.

Week 5+

This week in Kenya, the class have completed the following activities:

For English, we have learnt the importance of being specific when following and creating instructions. In Maths, the students had to identify what numbers were greater than or less than using the correct symbols. In food tech, the pupils followed a recipe to make a lovely lasagne. And finally, the class looked at what happens when an earthquake occurs and acted out what to do in the event of an earthquake.

As always well-done Kenya for all your hard work this week!

Week 4+

For English, we have recapped what fables are and created our own versions of them. In Maths, the students looked at how numbers are represented through the use of base 10. In Food Tech, the pupils followed a recipe to make a delicious meal of meatballs and pasta. And finally, as the class had finished designing their own volcanoes, we now had the chance to erupt them using vinegar and bicarbonate soda (everyone enjoyed this task!).

As always well-done Kenya for all your hard work this week!

Week 3+

This week in Kenya we have started lots of new and exciting activities.

For example, in English we have continued the theme of fables and the class made their own morals to their stories. As well as this, the students have used ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ as inspiration for making their own scripts!

In Maths, we have recapped using the number line to improve the pupil’s estimating skills. For Food Tech, Kenya class followed and made a healthy chicken noodle recipe (it smelt amazing!). Finally, in order to understand how a volcano is made, the class used plastic bottles and newspaper to design a structure of a volcano.

Once again, well done Kenya for all your hard work!

Week 2+

Welcome back Kenya!

After a restful summer break, Kenya class have come back and got stuck into lots of fun activities.

In English, the class have started looking at fables and the importance of the moral of the stories. The pupils have also had a go at writing a follow up to the fable ‘The Lion and the Hare’. In Maths, students have recapped three-digit numbers by identifying hundred, tens and one columns. For food tech, we created our own version of spaghetti bolognese on a budget (the results did not disappoint!). Finally, for Geography the class looked at what the Earth is made from and in groups made a playdough model of the Earth’s core.

Well done Kenya for all your hard work this week!

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