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Our Weekly News

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We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 31+

Kenya have had a great week! It was our turn to go swimming.  The students really enjoyed some normality and getting out of the classroom.  The students followed instructions well and their behaviour was exemplary!  On Wednesday afternoon, we enjoyed a science experiment, measuring the viscosity of liquids.  We predicted correctly that the water had the highest viscosity and that honey would be the slowest.

Keep up the hard work Kenya!

Week 30+

Kenya have worked really hard this week.  In English, this week we have started to look at some traditional poetry.  On Wednesday, we read the poem ‘The Sounds in the Evening’ by Eleanor Farjeon.  We read and discussed the poem as a class before identifying all the adjectives and nouns in the poem.  We then had a go at writing our own version of the poem by changing all of the adjectives.  In Maths this week, we have been revising our previous knowledge of ‘time’.  We enjoyed playing games on the Interactive White Board and were great at matching the written times with the time shown. In Life Skills this week, we have continued our topic ‘The Environment’.  This week we discussed ‘recycling,’ we learnt about the importance of recycling and about the negative affect, litter has on our environment.  We carried out a sorting activity, matching objects to the correct recycling bin and then we really enjoyed making robots out of recycled materials.  Keep up the hard work Kenya!

Week 29+

Kenya have worked really hard this week.  In English, this week we have continued looking at persuasive writing.  We worked in groups to create our own radio adverts and created an advert for ‘our city encouraging tourists to come and visit.  In Maths, we finished learning about bar charts and have moved onto exploring line graphs, we are finding this tricky but we will get there with more practice.  Our topic this term is ‘potions’ and we are continuing to explore ‘changes of state’ between Solid’s, Liquids and Gases.  In Life Skills this term, we are exploring ‘The Environment’.  This week we discussed the issue of Global Warming, what the issues are around this and what we can do as individuals to help prevent the issue getting worse.  The students created fantastic posters and leaflets about the issue.  We ended our Life Skills lesson by planting our own ‘Sunflowers’ that we will look after for a few weeks in school before bringing them home.  We learnt that plants and trees are an important way of helping to prevent Global Warming as they absorb Carbon Dioxide. Mrs Wong ordered us some new board games for our classroom, we have had lots of fun working on our Social Communication Skills, Monopoly and Cluedo have been a huge hit.


Keep up the hard work Kenya!

Week 28+

Kenya have had a great week and have been working really hard.  In English this week, we finished our book ‘The Hodgeheg’.  The students created their own comic strips re-telling the events of the story.  In Maths this week, we have been learning all about Bar Charts. On Wednesday, we enjoyed a treasure trail outside our classroom gathering information and answering questions based on the charts to complete the trail.   Our Topic this term is ‘Potions’, we have had lots of Science related lessons based on this, we have been looking at ‘Solids, Liquids and Gases’ and ‘Changes of State’.  We have also been completing daily practice of our times tables.  Keep up the hard work Kenya – we are very proud of you!

Week 27+

In Kenya class this week, we have been reading the book The Hodgeheg in English. The story finally revealed why the title of the book is called The Hodgeheg and not ‘The Hedgehog’. We are excited to find out what Max will encounter on his adventurous journey on his quest to learn how to cross the road safely. In maths, we have started to look at how data can be presented, using pictograms, tally charts, frequency tables and bar charts. We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using each of these methods to present our data. We have started a new topic for this term – Potion. We have been out for a treasure trail looking for clues of our new topic. We have designed our own bottles of potion. We took into consideration the shape and design of the bottle, the colour of the potion, the smell and what it would do. Some students have even created names for their potion.

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