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Week 3+

Our second week in Madagascar has been jam-packed!

In Food Technology, we made chicken noodles. We all took part in chopping the chicken and the vegetables and then we mixed it all together with the noodles and sauce! On Monday, we celebrated Roald Dahl day! We did this by learning lots about his life and looking at some of the different books and poems he wrote. We also designed our very own chocolate bar! In English, we continued looking at fables. We read The Boy who Cried Wolf and learned the moral was that no one believes a liar, even if they are telling the truth! For our Tremors project, we continued looking at the layers of the earth. We made a model out of play-doh and labelled the different layers! We also began looking at volcanoes! We learned the different features of a volcano and were able to label these. We then used the laptops to research the most famous volcanoes in the world. On Thursday, we did a big quiz of the week! We answered quiz questions about everything we have learned so far, lots of us got 20/20! Great work this week Madagascar, keep it up!


Week 2+

We have had a fantastic first week in Madagascar class and the class team and really proud of how well the students have adapted to the change of class and some have even transitioned from a different school! On Monday, we discussed why rules are important and we devised some class rules that we all agreed to follow to keep each other safe and happy. On Tuesday, we shared our Summer news with the class and wrote this down. On Wednesday, we made Recycled Robots in maths. We took lots of pieces of rubbish to create some really cool robots! We also began our new project, this term it is on Tremors. We learned all about the different layers of the Earth and could label the crust, mantle, outer core and inner core and are going to be making a 3D model of the Earth! In English, we began a topic on fables. We learned that these are short stories, often involving animals, that teach us a lesson, or moral. We have read the tortoise and the hair, completed some comprehension and are going to be creating our own fable following the same story line! We are so proud of Madagascar and are looking forward to Week 2!


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