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Week 31+

This week Madagascar class have been attending swimming sessions. The pupils enjoyed visiting and have developed their swimming skills. In Food technology, , we have focused on healthy recipes and recipes we can make healthier. This week we made vegetable Pitta Pizza’s. In English, we have continued to write out own sound poems and explore famous poets. Another fantastic week Madagascar Class. Enjoy your weekend

Week 30+

Madagascar class have been focusing on poems in English. We have discussed nouns and adjectives in particular. We completed a nature walk this week and wrote down different sounds we heard to use to create our own poems. We have continued looking at data in maths. We adapted our fine motor skills by cutting different fruit up to create a fruit wrap. Madagascar class have worked really hard throughout the week. Well done and enjoy your weekend

Week 29+

This week class Madagascar have been exploring how they might obtain employment. Students have explored the interview and application process. With students’ engaging in role- plays pretending to be the interviewee and interviewer. Students looked at behaviours expected in an interview before looking at application forms.


In Maths, students have continued to practice extracting data from tables and creating bar charts and in English students have continued the theme of persuasive writing. Students have written letters and engaged in a balance discussion to argue the point whether school uniform is a positive or negative thing. Students raised some interesting, valid, mature points. In science, students have looked at signs, symbols and the information they portray in particular warning symbols for harmful substances found around the home.

Week 28+

This week Madagascar have worked hard. In maths, we have continued analysing data and creating our own bar charts. In English, we have furthered our knowledge on persuasive writing. In small groups’ we created our own comic strips and will use these to create our own adverts. In project, we have continued focusing on potions. Madagascar class have measured the velocity of various liquids in order to plan and create our own potions.

Week 27+

Madagascar class have had a brilliant first week back. They have been focusing on persuasive writing and analysing different adverts and the type of language they use. In Maths we have been looking at bar charts, Madagascar class created their own data based on ‘ how many objects in the classroom’ and created their own bar charts.  To introduce our project, we went on a small scavenger hunt to try to find different clues to guess what our project subject will be.  Throughout the week, we looked at potions and used our ICT skills to create a picture board and then create our own design of a potion bottle.

Madagascar class have worked really hard throughout the week. Well done everybody 🙂

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