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Week 31+

This week in Mozambique, we have been looking at poems; paying particular attention to calligram’s and shape poetry. We have read series of examples and have attempted at creating our own, using alliteration, similes and adjectives. In maths, we have been working on fractions and decimals. During our lifeskills, we have continued to look at the environment and we have studied the birds we have in Britain. We then made some bird feeders, which we have put outside so we can observe the birds at Abbot’s Lea School.

Week 30+

Mozambique class have continued to work hard this week. In literacy, we have continued our persuasive writing topic and had to formulate a debate around bedtime. In maths, we have continued our learning all about statistics and worked on scales on bar charts and pictograms. We have continued our project work on potions and continued our learning on solids, liquids and gases within science. In Life skills this week, we have learnt all about what bees do for our environment and all had the opportunity to plant a sunflower. We look forward to seeing how they grow in the next few weeks. In food tech, we had to work in a group and make a healthy snack ‘frushi’ and tried some new food.

Week 29+

A great week in Mozambique class. In literacy, we have continued with our persuasive writing topic and focused on extending our sentences by using conjunctions and continuing to use persuasive language. In maths, we have continued learning about statistics and writing questions from data presented. We have also continued our potions topic this week and have looked in more detail at solids, liquids, gases and explored medicine used in the mediaeval times. We have also made our own potion bottles out of clay and then painted them.  In P.E,, we have continued to work on our dance routines and in Life skills we learnt all about life skills and how it has an impact on the environment. We also made flapjacks using Fairtrade ingredients. Hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Week 28+

In Mozambique this week, we have been continuing to investigate potions in our project work by reading Alice in Wonderland and discussing what potion she drank. We looked at the label on the potion, how to use safety labels in real life and then created our own safety features using our computing skills. We have also tested the viscosity of different liquids and we conducted a fair experiment by testing the speeds of different liquids.

In maths, we have continued to practice our data handling skills by conducting a survey within class to find out our friends’ favourite colours, food and animal – we then used this information to create our own bar charts. While in English, we have continued to study advertisements and have had a class debate arguing for and against our favourite toys.

Week 27+

This week in Mozambique we have been learning all about Ramadan and Eid, we have learnt what they are, why they are celebrated and how they are celebrated. This led to us thinking about our own bad habits and some good deeds we could do. We were introduced to our new English topic ‘pervasive writing,’  watching and critiquing adverts. In life skills, we started our new topic ‘careers and employment’ and began to discuss what skills and qualities are required in different careers and jobs. We have also listened and studied Jazz music as we going to start studying ‘The History of Music in the 20th century’.

On Thursday we took a walk to find clues about what our new project was going to be about – we found lots’ of images including a cauldron, Alice in Wonderland, bottles and interesting animals. We took these clues back to class and discussed what our new project was about – we decided our new project is all about Potions!!

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