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Week 35+

We have had a lovely week in Canada class! This week we have been really focusing on our capital letters and full stops in our sentences. Every morning, we come in and write a sentence about what we did the night before, Canada class are pros at this now! In maths, we are still looking at halves and quarters. We are able to split things into 2 or 4 equal groups to create halves and quarters. The students have really impressed the class team in maths! In English, we have been planning our own teddy bear’s picnic! We all wrote shopping lists of our favourite foods and drinks and prepared our very own sandwiches for the picnic! On Wednesday, we took the blankets and games outside and brought our favourite teddy bears and we had a lovely time! It was a great opportunity for Canada class to share things, take turns and play together. On Tuesday, we were so lucky to take part in a bike ability session! All of the students tried so hard and some were already able to ride on their own! Canada class have worked so hard all week and we are really proud, have a lovely weekend!

Week 34+

We have had a great first week back after half term and have been really enjoying the lovely weather! We have begun a new science unit looking at growing things and mini-beasts. We walked around the school grounds and found lots of flowers and weeds and we then learned to identify the parts of a plant. On Tuesday, we were so lucky to see the farm that came to school! We loved stroking the pigs, rabbits and the rest of the animals. Canada class’ favourite was Mr Tumble the pony! We also had a great dance lesson on Tuesday and really enjoyed playing lots’ of fun games to music. On Wednesday, we learned about money in life skills. We learned to identify the different coins and notes and discussed what we need money for and how to get it. This week we have also been observing our caterpillars and they have now all hatched from their chrysalises as butterflies! We cannot wait to release them and watch them fly away. In maths, we have begun learning about fractions and splitting things into halves and quarters and in English we are going to be planning our very own picnic after having read the Teddy Bear’s Picnic! Canada class have worked so hard, and the staff team are so proud!

Week 33+

We have had a brilliant week in Canada class. On Monday, we made sausage rolls! We really enjoyed shaping the sausage meat and folding the pastry. In project, we have been looking at fossils found on the coastline. We handled some real ammonites and real shark’s teeth! Then we made our own ammonites in art. We made fossil shapes in plaster and used clay to look like the rock. In maths we have been looking at number bonds, division and splitting numbers into equal groups, Canada class are doing so well in maths. In English, we have been planning our very own stories. We have created characters and settings and we have all been using some brilliant words to include in our stories. Thursday was a fantastic day – we went to Crosby beach! We played on the park, had a picnic on the beach and paddled in the water! We had so much fun. The class team are so proud of Canada class. Have a lovely half term everyone!

Week 32+

Canada have had a fantastic week. We have really enjoyed making up our own stories in English, inventing our own characters and describing our settings. We are in the process of making a Chatta board using the information.  In Maths, we have been consolidating our learning on division by two and sharing equally. In project, we have really enjoyed learning about Captain Cook. We learnt all about his voyagers and what life was like on board his ship. We also looked at animals and things that Captain Cook would have seen in Australia. We all loved having a go at a real didgeridoo!! We also had so much fun role playing how the RNLI save lives at sea and we had an inflatable boat, life jackets and oars and took turns to pretend to rescue each other from the sea!! In Food Tech, we made quick pizza using French bread and sandwich thins and enjoyed eating them for our tea.

Week 31+

We have had a really busy week in Canada! On Monday, we learned arrays in maths and made our own with play-doh. We also made jacket potatoes in Food tech, we loved filling them with cheese and beans or tuna! We have continued with our project on coastlines, and we have learned how to stay safe at sea and what to do in an emergency; we also looked at the RNLI and learned how the brave men and women help rescue us at sea. In PE, we continued with athletics. We had loads of fun doing an obstacle course as quickly as we could. On Wednesday, we discussed the importance of keeping our environment clean, and how we must always throw our rubbish away. We went onto the field with litter pickers and picked up lots of rubbish from the grounds and made sure it went into the bin (with some great help from Karim!) On Thursday, we made our very own Chatta boards to tell the story of the Gingerbread man. Canada have worked so hard this week and we are very proud!

Week 30+

We have had a fantastic week in Canada and have been working very hard. We have continued our learning on fairy tales and have really enjoyed watching, reading and writing about the story Rumplestiltskin. In Maths, we have continued our learning on 2, 5 and 10 times tables and have enjoyed playing games. We have looked at how to use a multiplication square and one group have been using Numicon to add one more. In project, we learnt about maps, how to recognise symbols. We enjoyed making our own treasure map and hiding treasure. We also used coordinates to help each other find the treasure. In music, we loved the song John Kanaka, which is a sea shanty. In PE, we have continued athletics and enjoyed javelin, shot put and the discus. We have painted our pots this week and have made them sea themed with lots of glitter and shells. We are also learning about the Jewish festival of Purim and have enjoyed learning about the story of Ester how she saved the Jewish people. We made chicken salad sandwiches this week. They looked very healthy and delicious!!

Well done Canada for a lovely week.

Week 29+

This week in Canada class we have been having lots of fun. We have been practising making our own snack by making toast and collecting fruit and drinks ourselves. This is helping us become more independent. We also started a new athletics unit in PE! This was so much fun; we learned to control a ball on a racket, sprint across the hall, jump hurdles and complete an obstacle course! In life skills we discussed how important the emergency services are and what each one does to help us, and how important it is to call 999 in an emergency. We have also made pinch pots in art as part of our project on coastlines and we decorated them with seashells. It really helped develop our fine motor skills as we moulded the clay. We cannot wait to paint them! We are also continuing with our maths work on multiples of 2, 5 and 10 and are going to be using Chatta to sequence the fairy tale of Rapunzel! Canada class have worked so hard and the class team are really proud 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

Week 28+

We have had the busiest week in Canada class! We have started swimming again at Halewood leisure centre. We have learned to swim on our front and our backs! Some of us can even hold our breath and go under the water. Canada class have really impressed the staff with their hard work and listening skills. We also continued with our unit in food tech on easy to make meals, and made cheese and ham toasties. We were all great at following the instructions to put our bread in the toaster, spread the butter, add the cheese and ham and then melt it in the grill. They were so tasty! We have also continued with our maths unit on multiples of 2, 5 and 10. We have practised these by using numicon, computing games and songs. We have had lots of fun with our new project on coastlines this week. We looked at different beaches in the UK and completed a survey on who has been to each beach. Looking at each beach, we are beginning to identify manmade and natural features of the coastline, such as sand, promenades, piers etc. Today, we are going to use feely bags to guess which beach is which depending on their features! (Canada class’ favourite beach was Blackpool!!) We are very proud of Canada class and look forward to continuing the fun next week!

Week 27+

We have really enjoyed our first week of Term 5 in Canada Class! We have been very busy with lots of exciting lessons. On Monday, we made beans on toast as part of our Food Technology unit on easy-to-make meals. We were all able to take the lid of the tin of beans, put them in the microwave and butter our own toast! We started a new topic in maths on multiplication and arrays. We have all been practising our two times tables, and some of us can even do the 5s and 10s! In PE, we continued with hockey, we practised dribbling the ball again and our grips of the hockey stick have really improved. Then we played a game where we chipped the ball across the hall and through a hoop! Canada Class have been fantastic at hockey.

In Geography, we began our new project on coastlines. We learned the names of all the seas and oceans and could label them on a map of the earth. On Wednesday, we went to the school library to choose new books for our reading for pleasure time; Canada class chose some interesting books. We also did some great life skills with Miss Joyce, we learned about what a community is and who in our community is there to help us with different problems. We then did some coastline themed artwork; we ripped teared and scrunched tissue paper to create a sea, sun and clouds. This really helped us develop our fine motor skills. On Thursday, we are continuing looking at the story of Hansel and Gretel. We will look at character profiles, settings and story sequences. The class team are so proud of how Canada Class have sprung straight back into action and have worked so hard.

Well done, Canada!

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