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Week 35+

What a wonderful week we have had in class France! We have had lots of fun learning more about our topic through a range of different activities. On Monday, we looked closely at common garden plants and learned about the functions of the different parts. On Tuesday, we visited Walton Hall Gardens to see the beautiful grounds and local farm animals. On Wednesday, we spoke about what creatures we would find in our gardens and parks. The pupils then completed a sensory circuit matching familiar mini-beasts to their microhabitats. For English this week we have continued our mini-beast theme by writing descriptive sentences about our favourite insects. In Maths, the pupils have worked hard in their fractions work. This week we looked more in-depth into quarters by creating our own pizzas with different toppings on the quarters. Keep up the hard work class France!’

Week 34+

We have had a wonderful, fun filled first week of Term 6. The students have come back refreshed from their break and settled right back into our routine and activities. On Monday, we had a visit from a local farm. The class loved learning about the different animals, in particular the miniature pony who they had a chance to groom! On Tuesday, we started our new topic, which focuses on what is inside our gardens. We spoke about what plants, trees and mini-beasts we find in our own gardens then went on a lovely walk around the school grounds to identify different flowers and plants. On Wednesday, we continued with our Topic work by planting our class sunflowers. We’ve set up an investigation with our plants to see how they grow in different conditions- we’re looking forward to watching them grow over the next few weeks and seeing if your predictions were correct! For PE this week we have also started our new Yoga sessions. The class, thoroughly enjoyed their first session and are looking forward to more over the rest of the term.

Keep up the hard work class France!

Week 33+

We have had a fantastic last week of term in class France! On Wednesday, the pupils enjoyed our final trip out to the local seaside with a visit to Southport. We walked along the pier, identifying the natural and man-made features. The students have all thoroughly enjoyed this terms Coastline topic and have learned lots of key facts and information over the last term. For Art this week we researched local lighthouses and used a range of different materials to create our own. To conclude our ‘quick meals’ food technology topic we also made our own delicious sausage rolls. Wishing you all a restful half term, looking forward to all the fun activities in term 6!

Week 32+

We have had another fun-filled week in France class! On Monday, we continued our visits to local Coastlines with a trip to Otterspool Prom. We used our map skill knowledge to locate different features by using the key and matching the symbols. On Tuesday, the class worked in pairs to play giant connect 4 and noughts and crosses. They enjoyed using their problem solving and team building skills during their games. On Wednesday, we had a very exciting delivery as part of our Minibeasts topic for next half term. Our caterpillars arrived and we have been fascinated to see how much they have grown in only 2 days! We cannot wait to see them grow and transform over the coming weeks! For English this week we have been learning all about postcards. The pupils have worked hard writing their postcards, using adjectives to describe features we have seen during our visits to the Coastline. Keep up the hard work France class!

Week 31+

We have had another fun filled week in France class! For English this week we have read the story ‘dear zoo’,  focusing on the adjectives to describe the different animals. We then wrote our own letters to Chester Zoo asking for our favourite animals. The pupils worked hard using lots’ of adjectives to describe their chosen animal and structuring their writing into a letter format. For Topic, we have continued our Coastline topic by comparing features of the seaside to features in our local park. We spoke about the similarities and differences between the locations and identified whether the features were natural or manmade. For Art we made some beautiful Coastline pictures using powdered paint. Keep up the hard work class France!’

Week 30+

We have had another fun filled week in France class! On Tuesday, we had our final swimming lesson of the year. The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed their lessons over the last week and have developed new skills and confidence in the water.  On Wednesday, we continued our visits to local coastlines with a trip to Crosby beach. We identified different features of the coastline and discussed whether they were natural or man-made. For Food Technology on Thursday, we made delicious chicken salad sandwiches. The students developed their cutting and chopping skills as well as their awareness of a healthy, balanced diet. Keep up the hard work France class!

Week 29+

We have had a really busy week in France class this week. On Tuesday we started our swimming lessons a week earlier than expected!- thanks to France class families for being so flexible with this change and having the swimming kits ready. The pupils have all thoroughly enjoyed their lessons this week and have made so much progress! It has been wonderful to see their confidence in the water increase and their swimming skills develop over the last few days. As well as our swimming lessons’ we have been busy learning more about our Coastlines topic. This week we have looked at seaside’s from the past and present identifying features we saw on our visit to New Brighton. On Thursday we also continued our ‘quick meals’ food technology topic and made some delicious Spaghetti on toast. The students developed their cutting and spreading skills as well as their food hygiene and safety awareness. Keep up the hard work class France!

Week 28+

This week in Class Portugal, we have been learning all about the coasts! We made some beautiful seashells from clay – we worked really hard to follow the instructions! We also went to Hale Village on the minibus to see the coast and the lighthouse. We sketched the lighthouse when we got back to school.

In English, we continued reading Hansel and Gretel and made our own biscuit houses based on the story. We used sweets and icing to decorate them. We also chose some adjectives to describe our houses to our friends.

In Maths, we have been learning all about doubling, we had a doubling machine which we put cubes into to calculate the answers.

Finally, in Geography, we helped Paddington Bear sort out his travel photographs into ‘city or coast’.

A fantastic week!

Week 27+

We have had an excellent first week back after our Easter break. The pupils have really enjoyed the start of our Coastline’s topic and have used their ICT skills to research local sea-sides. Next week we will be visiting New Brighton to look at the features of the coastline and see which parts are manmade or natural. For our English Fairy Tales’ topic, we read the story of Hansel and Gretel. The class worked hard recognising the different emotions of Hansel and Gretel throughout the story then wrote excellent book reviews all about their favourite part. Keep up the hard work class France!

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