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Our Weekly News

In the boxes below, you can read about our best moments in school.
We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 17+

This week in Peru we discussed different ways people celebrate New Year’s and why people make New Year’s resolutions. We then created out own resolutions and thought of ways we can make sure these get completed.

We began our new science topic of ‘Seasonal Changes’ by discussing what we already know about seasons, and created a list of questions of things we would like to find out.

In R.E. we began our new topic ‘Special Books’ and spoke about how different people have different special books, we then shared books that we personally find special.

Week 15+
Week 14+

Peru have had a fantastic week this week. We really enjoyed our trip to ‘Imagine That’ on Wednesday, the students had an amazing time and have talked about it all week.   We enjoyed exploring the Imagination Village, exploring Imaginary play, from performing on stage for our friends, to making pizzas in the cafe, food shopping, hair dressing and building in the construction area.   We enjoyed painting fridge magnets and a REAL car!!  In the science area we enjoyed exploring lots of experiments, we made snow, slime and watched a Science Show.  Peru have enjoyed lots of Christmas activities this week and we have been learning to play ‘Jingle Bell’s on the hand bells as part of our Christmas Nativity performance.

Week 12+

This week in Peru we went on a class trip to Anfield Sports Centre and got to participate in a range of different sporting activities including Kin-ball, Football, Dodgeball and Boccia. Peru was outstanding on the trip and the class team are all super proud of them.

In science, we have continued to study the human body and have been able to locate and identify the different organs in the human body. While in design technology we have continued to create our own moving minibeasts picture using levers and pivots.

Week 11+

This week in Peru we have been reading non-fiction texts and found the different facts about different animals. We then used these facts to create our own fact-files about Ladybirds.

In maths, we have continued to study money and we have begun to add together different coins to work out the total value.

We have continued to study our bodies in science, by studying the different parts of a human body and begun to identify the different organs in a human body and their functions. While in geography we have looked at where we live by studying the different continents and oceans using an atlas.

Peru have had an excellent week and have worked hard in all our lessons, well done!!

Week 10+

This week in Peru we have learnt all about Space for world science day by having the opportunity to visit different classrooms within the primary department. We made moon bombs, bubble planets and rockets. We then watched the rockets being launched in the playground.

On Thursday we learnt about remembrance day and discussed the different poppies people wear, and why people wear them. We were able to wear our poppies all day to show respect and remembrance.

In Maths this week we have continued to look at our new topic money, by working out how to make an amount using different coins. While in English, we have looked at non-fiction books, paying attention to non-fiction books about different animals and habitats.

Week 9+

This week in Peru we have begun looking at money skills by being able to recognise different British coins and notes, we have then begun to work out how to work out different amounts of money using different coins. In English, we have begun our new topic ‘Reports’ by identifying the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts and past and present tense.

This term we are going to be studying Geography with the topic ‘Where I live’, we began our new topic by discussing what we already knew about where we live and questions we would like to answer.

Week 8+

This week in Peru class, we have been focusing on our poetry and Halloween. In literacy, we have been studying different features of poetry, including alliteration and similes, by reading a range of different poems.

We have spent a lot of time this week, creating decorations for our Halloween party – we have really enjoyed listening to spooky music while making monster faces, spiderwebs and posters.

In maths, we have enjoyed developing our knowledge on fractions while continuing to use ‘cheeky maths’.

Week 7+

This week in Peru class we have been looking at childhood in the 1950s and how it has changed, we had the opportunity to look at Liverpool in the 1950s and we were shocked at how much it has changed.

In English, we have started out new topic Poems, and have enjoyed listening to our silly poems – including ‘Sounds Good!!’. Peru class have been working really hard with their Fractions and have made some massive improvements since we began our project. Well done Peru, on all your hard work this week.

Week 6+

This week Peru class have celebrated national teachers day by designing cards for their teachers. They have enjoyed making their own fruit salad, trying new food and creating our own story during our English lesson.

Week 5+
Week 4+

This week in Peru class we have looked at recycling and created our own toys using recycled materials.

We also had the opportunity to celebrate national fitness day, by competing in our Primary Olympics which included creating our country’s flags and participating in a range of games. In English we have continued to look at questions and exclamations and discussed when we would use exclamations marks to make our work more exciting. While in maths, we have begun to use hundreds, tens and ones in addition to find the missing number.

Week 3+

This week in Peru we have been doing work all about Charlie and the Chocolate factory to celebrate Ronald Dahl day on Monday, we made chocolate rice cakes and discussed about how chocolate was made.

In English we have looked at what makes a question and began to ask questions about the book ‘Not Now, Bernard!’.

Peru class really enjoyed making and delivering homemade flower pots for TAs around the school to celebrate National Teaching Assistant day.

Week 2+

This week in Peru class we have used the Parachute to practice using our tricky words within sentences. In literacy, we have begun our topic ‘Stories in Familiar Settings’. We discussed what ‘familiar’ meant and shared our own familiar settings. We then began to read and sequence the story ‘Not Now, Bernard!’.

In maths, we have been using ‘cheeky maths’ to learn about place value and working out how many tens and ones are in numbers up to 100.

Our new project this term is going to be ‘Childhood’, therefore, this week we have discussed what childhood means to us and how childhood might differ per individual. We also looked at some images of old toys and artefacts related to childhood and found similarities and differences with the objects we have in present day. Fantastic week for Peru class!

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