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Week 35+

USA started the week with a new topic in Maths of fractions. We gave the students a challenge to see how much they already knew about fractions. We were so impressed by how much the students already knew and how they worked independently. In Food Technology, we have been looking at different ways of cooking eggs. This week we boiled them. We put eggs in the water for different lengths of time to see how different they looked when we cut them open. Some students said they did not like eggs but they still tried them, which was fantastic. We had our bike-a-bility session on Tuesday some of the students had never rode a bike before and were incredibly brave in having a go. We also had our first dance lesson and made fruit kebabs which were delicious. In Life Skills, we have been learning about how to keep to a budget. The students were incredibly interested in this, went through a budget as a class and looked at changes that can be made to have more money left over.

Week 34+

USA have had an amazing week. We started the week with a visit from the farm. We saw so many animals. There were pigs, goats, chinchillas and a sheep that was so big Miss Davies thought it was a cow!! When we got back to class, we researched our favourite farm animal and made a PowerPoint to present the information to the class. On Tuesday, we had such a lovely day. We went to our outdoor learning area to see how many mini beasts we could find. There were so many, we looked underneath rocks and logs and saw the bugs in their natural habitat. We were very careful to put them back where we got them. We had then planned to go to Crosby Beach but unfortunately, due to roadworks it would take too long to get there so we changed our plans and went to Otterspool Promenade instead. We were so proud of USA class, they were phenomenal advocates for the school. During Life Skills, we learnt about different ways to pay for things, and the best payment method for larger or smaller items. We then did food technology and made delicious scrambled eggs. Some students said they did not like them but they still tried them, which was fantastic. Well done, on a brilliant first week back USA! We know we are going to have an amazing final term.

Week 33+

USA have had an amazing final week of term 5. During Food Technology, we made delicious sandwiches and sausage rolls. The students used a variety of different fillings for their sandwiches and were brilliant in trying the different ingredients. We have also looked at Under the Sea as part of our Coastlines topic. We were amazed, by how many beautiful shells there are at the beach and we were able to look at some close up and then made our own shells out of clay. On Wednesday, we did a taste test with different types of fruit. The students were so brave at being blindfolded and trying different fruits. They were able to name so many different fruits and Miss Lea and Mrs Davies were also incredibly brave and had a go at tasting and guessing the different fruits. USA have noticed that outside there are lots’ of bees. They have been very gentle with them and have left sugar water for those bees who need it. We have learnt how bees make honey and we made some delicious honey biscuits. They were so tasty. Have a lovely half term break USA. As always, you have been amazing this term!

Week 32+

USA started their week with a fun dance lesson in class. Some of the moves were quite difficult but the students worked really hard keeping up with the dance. We had worked up quite an appetite when we returned to class, so we made some pizzas in Food Technology using baguettes and sandwich thins. The students used mozzarella balls and where really surprised by what they looked like. They were brilliant in tasting it before it went on their pizza. In Maths, we have continued to look at division, how to link with multiplication. We are so impressed with how well the students have worked during Maths this week. In English, we have learnt how to identify a noun, adjective and a verb. To test our knowledge, we did a sensory circuit with aim of putting words in the correct category. Well done USA, you have had a brilliant week.

Week 31+

USA have had a brilliant week, we started off the week with a fun Judo P.E lesson where we learnt how to use different holds to unbalance the other opponent. Following from this, USA class have been discussing different ways to be a good citizen in the community in our life skills lesson. We wrote letters to the Prime Minister and sent them and we hope we get a reply soon. In Food Technology USA have enjoyed making jacket potatoes with a choice of toppings! Some of the students said they did not like jacket potatoes but once the tasted them they realised that they were really tasty. USA have been so amazing when focusing on their multiplication that we decided to move on to division, we did a practical lesson in small groups where we learnt how to share out equally. Finally, we looked at erosion. We went to the Hall, and some of us were the waves and some were the cliffs. We set up barriers to find out the best way to prevent erosion. Well done on another amazing week USA.

Week 30+

USA Class came back lovely and refreshed after their long weekend. We started the week with a P.E lesson. We played a fun game of dodgeball and the students went in to different teams to work together on a plan to give their team the best chance of winning. Following on from this we learnt about respect in Life Skills and learnt how important it is to show each other respect. The students had a brilliant discussion on why respect is important what the knock-on effect will be if we do not show each other respect. We were very lucky this week to and given the opportunity to go swimming again. USA were so excited and loved being back in the water. When we got back to school, we made some healthy chicken salad sandwiches. They were really tasty and the students were fantastic at trying the different ingredients.

Week 29+

USA have had a brilliant week. We have been asked to enter a competition showing what we think the Heart of Liverpool is. We are so excited by this and researched the different sights in Liverpool to give us some ideas. We also continued to look at our times tables in Maths and we were amazed by how well the students could remember their times tables from last week. In P.E we continued to look at Athletics and did a really fun obstacle course in the hall. The students had to use and develop their balancing skills and planning skills to go through the course. In English, we have been looking at Hansel and Gretel.

We made a Chatta board as a class and then used this to write the story in our own words. The students work was absolutely amazing and we could tell how well they had listened to the story. In Life Skills, we have continued to look at our rights. The students decided what rights they thought were most important and came up with their own that they thought should be added. We have also done food technology this week and we made spaghetti on toast. The students loved this and some had two lots! Have a lovely bank holiday weekend USA.

Week 28+

USA have had another fantastic week, we have started some new topics this week.  We started the week, with Life Skills looking at what skills we would need for the job we wanted.  We went outside and pretended to be lollipop people. In English, we have started looking at Fairy Tales and we are going to look at how they can be twisted and changed. As part of our project work, we have looked at coastlines. We have looked at different features of a coastline and even made our own mini coastline to find out different ways cliffs are protected, from erosion. In P.E we made an Athletics course to practise different skills’, we developed our balancing skills and hand eye coordination. We have had lots’ of fun lessons this week and can really see how the students learn best when having fun.

Week 27+

USA have had an amazing first week back in school. We started the week with Food Technology in which we are learning about quick but healthy meals. We made beans on toast and the students developed their motor skills by using a tin opener and stirring the beans in the pan. We had our swimming sessions this week, which the students really enjoyed and were incredibly confident and sensible in the water. It has been amazing to see that confidence grow. In Maths, we have looked at multiplication. We cannot believe how many ways there are to get our answers! In Life Skills, we have looked at why there are rules and laws and we now understand that rules are there to protect us and even grown-ups have rules to follow. Well done USA, you have had such an amazing week!

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