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At Abbot’s Lea School we are passionate about developing young leaders. In 2016 we introduced a Head Boy and Head Girl team for the first time in the school’s history. Now, 6 years after, our programme is adapting to the needs of young people and is changing into Head Student prgramme.

Our students in Key Stage Five, all have the opportunity to apply for the position of Head Student.

This opportunity is afforded to our older students, for them to act as role models to our younger students, and to develop their ambassadorial qualities by representing Abbot’s Lea School in school and non-school based activities. The successful applicants will also work more closely with our Headteacher and share the school’s vision and values with all other students in an attempt to continue to drive the improvement of Abbot’s Lea School.

Application process:

The Head Student (and deputy) form an important part of our leadership structure and the two students appointed act to support me, as the school’s Headteacher in promoting our school internally and externally. The duties for the coming year will include welcoming new students and new staff, showing prospective families around the school and answering questions about the life of the school, as well as presenting our school’s views at local, national and international events.

The opportunity is open to students who are exemplary in their conduct

and who embody our Golden Rules:

  • Be here. Every day.
  • Work hard and be nice.
  • Never give up on yourself or others.
  • Stay positive and be happy!

You are invited to apply for the role by sending a 1-page letter of application or a pre-recorded video message, of no more than 5 minutes, by 10am on Wednesday, 14 September 2022, to me on headteacher@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

The topic is:

What are the biggest challenges facing teenagers and young adults in 2022 and what opportunities should Abbot’s Lea School aim to create to support their transition to independent adulthood?”

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In collaboration with our Head of Autism Research and Development, our Head Boy and Head Girl may also attend conferences and/or activities within the local community, to represent the views of our students and share, with others, the amazing learning activities that go on at our school.

Our Headteacher

“It is fantastic to know that so many of our senior students are keen to take on leadership roles and represent the school in this way. I have been keen to create a distributed leadership model for the staff and the students. This model strengthens shared vision, school developmental planning and creates a culture of mutual accountability. By students becoming an integral part of this approach, they are given not only the voice but also – very crucially – extra responsibilities to prepare them for further education, the world of work and the reality of an adult life.”

Would you like to apply to become our next Head Boy or Head Girl?
Here are the comments from students who were in that position in previous years.

“I am very pleased to be head boy at Abbot’s Lea. I am keen to represent the voice of many students here at the school and share their ideas with the headteacher and the leadership team.”

“As head girl I am looking forward to working closely with Mrs Hildrey, the staff and members of the school council to ensure Abbot’s Lea is a welcoming and positive environment for all.”


From Headteacher’s Newsletter:

Nothing gives me more pleasure that young people stepping up and taking on leadership roles within the school. It takes courage, integrity and commitment to put oneself forward for any leadership role and so, when young people do just that, I am filled with pride and
respect. I want to recognise this year’s applicants for the Head Boy and Head Girl position, all of whom presented outstanding ideas. The task was to propose transitional support for any new
students joining Abbot’s Lea School during or after Covid-19 reality.
Your projects were fascinating, creative, but most of all, sensitive and filled with empathy for the new students joining school at such an unusual time.
In the end, there were only two positions available and so, after much deliberation, I have decided to appoint two fine young people to the roles: Megan Hall and Sean Sweeney




Head Girl – Meg Hall

“I am committed to helping others and raising awareness and acceptance of those with complex needs. I respect that greatly and I agree that there is ALWAYS more we can do for others.”



Head Boy – Joe Davidson

“I hope to develop my leadership skills further and that the role of the Head Boy could prove instrumental to my growth.”


It is with great delight that I introduce our new head boy and girl. Following last year’s successful appointments, we had a lot of interest from students and I was incredibly impressed with each of the six candidates’ commitment and confidence.

Ryan and Saoirse will assist in the outdoor learning project which aims to re-design the school grounds to improve facilities for students of all ages.

Ryan said: “I am very pleased to be head boy at Abbot’s Lea. I am keen to represent the voice of many students here at the school and share their ideas with the headteacher and the leadership team.”

Saoirse added: “As head girl I am looking forward to working closely with Mrs Hildrey, the staff and members of the school council to ensure Abbot’s Lea is a welcoming and positive environment for all.”


We are celebrating the introduction of the first ever Head Boy and Head Girl in the school’s 64-year history!

Passionate about developing young leaders, new headteacher Mrs Hildrey appointed Sixth Form students Chantelle Nicklin-Harvey and Dan Houghton as Head Girl and Head Boy for 2016-17.

The new leaders will become ambassadors for the school and take an active role in developing school provision including representing the views of their fellow students.

After a rigorous selection process including interviews and presentations, the school’s first Head Boy and Girl were announced by the Headteacher at a whole school assembly.

Mrs Hildrey praised all six candidates who applied for the positions and thanked them for their presentations, which had to answer the question: ‘How can we make Abbot’s Lea the best special school in the world?’

Head Boy Dan Houghton put forward great ideas on how the school can promote the development of meaningful life skills for sixth formers and improve recycling to help the environment. His personal ambition is to lead a reading volunteer buddying scheme for younger students.

He says: “I am so happy to be Head Boy. After I finish school I want to go to college and study Child Care and this opportunity will really help with my future ambitions.”

Head Girl Chantelle Nicklin-Harvey shared Dan’s excitement for her new role and impressed the Headteacher with her passion for technology and her desire to help younger students in the school through positive role modelling.

She says: “I am so excited to be Head Girl. I’m looking forward to working on my ideas and gaining confidence and experience in this new role.”

Headteacher, Mrs Ania Hildrey adds: “It’s a real honour to announce our first ever Head Boy and Head Girl at Abbot’s Lea School. All the students who applied had brilliant ideas about how we can make Abbot’s Lea the best specialist school in the world. Chantelle and Dan both showed real strength of character, humility, an ability to lead others and a passion for helping younger students in the school.

“I am confident they will make a significant and positive contribution as Head Boy and Head Girl and I cannot wait to see them become fantastic ambassadors for Abbot’s Lea School community.”

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