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Week 30+

This week our Interns have continued to improve and progress in their placements. Their confidence continues to grow and as planned, they need less support from staff during their working day.

In lesson time this week, we concentrated on money, in particular looking at Tax, why we pay it and how much we pay. The boys also discussed monthly costs of living independently and how to budget to make their money last.

Week 29+

This week is an exciting week for one of our Interns, as Aiden turns 18 today! Happy Birthday!

During his working week this week, Aiden has assisted our ICT Manager in checking the office areas for ICT needs and updates. He has also been sorting through boxes of IT equipment to reuse and recycle.

Liam has continued cleaning and washing the school buses, on top of his usual daily tasks, which he completes independently.

Staff had reported back to me how much they have noticed Adam’s confidence growing when he is serving dinners. Well done, Adam, keep up the good work.

We continue to focus on the next steps and plan to practise the journeys to college in time for September!

Week 28+

This week our supported interns have continued gaining knowledge and independence in their work placements. Each of them has grown in maturity and is becoming more resilient and able to face up to challenges with and without support.

Aiden spent an afternoon at Greenbank College in preparation for his course starting in September, which he is really looking forward to.

Liam helped to prep the school and grounds for our visitors this week.

Our interns have been working on exam preparation in class and as always looking at employability skills and work ethic.

Well done!

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