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The main area of learning for Interns is, of course, their work placements. Some Interns have the ability to continue to work from home and others do not. There are several different areas of learning on which we would normally focus during the Interns’ weekly study days. These are:


Chatta is an amazing app which we have been developing in each key stage across the school. They have been sending out exciting daily Chatta activities to parents who sign up for free as part of our school package.
To sign up to the Chatta club, follow this link:
To find out more, click here:
Chatta User Guide for parents  – Uploaded 20th April
Interns Chatta challenges  – Uploaded 24th April


Financial survival skills – Uploaded 22nd May
Listening and presenting – Uploaded 21st May
Exploring personal strengths – Uploaded 20th May
Growth mindset toolkit – Uploaded 13th May
Wellbeing toolkit – Uploaded 13th May
Building confidence and assertiveness – Uploaded 6th May
Interview Skills – Uploaded 6th May
Networking Skills – Uploaded 6th May
Adaptability skills – Uploaded 29th April
Job Seeking Skills – Uploaded 29th April
Life skills – Uploaded 29th April
Entrepreneurship – Uploaded 24th April
CV Workbook – Uploaded 23rd April
Leadership Skills – Uploaded 23rd April
Time management – Uploaded 22nd April
Types of Communication – Uploaded 22nd April
Types of Communication – Uploaded 22nd April 2020


Level 1 – 2
L2 writing tasks – Uploaded 23rd April
Book Review Activity – Uploaded 22nd April
Comparable texts – Uploaded 22nd April
Comparing texts – Uploaded 22nd April
Film review The Happy Newspaper – Uploaded 22nd April

Entry Level 2
e2buyingtvlicence – Uploaded 22nd April
Shakespeare – Early_Modern_English_vs_Modern_English – Uploaded 22nd April

Entry Level 3
Book Review Activity – Uploaded 22nd April
Film Review – Uploaded 22nd April
Shakespeare – Early_Modern_English_vs_Modern_English – Uploaded 22nd April


prefix-word-list The-prefix-game-easy Prefixes Prefixes 2 Prefix-Activity-Hard Suffix-Word-List Suffixes  – Uploaded 22nd April

practice-paper-1-level-1-reading- – Uploaded 22nd April 2020

practice-paper-1-level-1-writing- – Uploaded 22nd April 2020



What are multiples – Uploaded 4th May
What are prime numbers – Uploaded 4th May
Maths Websites – Uploaded 22nd April 2020
OCR practice-paper-2-level-1 – Uploaded 22nd April 2020


Careers of Crisis heroes – Keeping things clean and working – Uploaded 4th May
Cabin Crew– Uploaded 27th April
Transition Toolkit 2020-2021 – Uploaded 23rd April
Careers Quiz – Uploaded 21st April 2020
Careers of Crisis heroes – NHS – Uploaded 20th April 2020
Careers of Crisis  heroes – People who move things around – Uploaded 20th April 2020

Online courses+

Open University CPD offer via OpenLearn – Uploaded 20th April 2020

Links and guides to online learning courses additional to Flick courses which were set at the beginning of lock down

Expressive arts+

Performing Arts 10 – Uploaded 13th May
Abbot’s Lea Quiz Fun 8 – Uploaded 6th May
Covid Time Capsule Booklet 6 – Uploaded 29th April
Theatre Review 5 – Uploaded 29th April
Character Drama – Uploaded 22nd April 2020

YouTube and other helpful links+

University virtual tours and YouTube Channels – Uploaded 22nd May
College YouTube Channels – Uploaded 20th May
THNKR – YouTube Channel – Uploaded 18th May
Virtual Events – Hugh Baird – Uploaded 15th May
TED Talks – Uploaded 13th May
Staying Active – Uploaded 11th May
Art and Crafts – Uploaded 7th May
Science Experiments! – Uploaded 6th May
Museums – Virtual Tours – Uploaded 4th May
Apprenticeships – Uploaded 30th April
Video Interviews – Uploaded 29th April
Interview Preparation– Uploaded 27th April
23-04-20 Job Site Users – YouTube  – Uploaded 23rd April
15 Job Sites and Indeed Videos – Uploaded 22nd April 2020


Relaxation – Fun Powerpoint 4 – Uploaded 29th April
Medtation – Yoga Relaxation – Chill Skills – Uploaded 22nd April 2020
Relaxation – Chill Skills – Uploaded 22nd April 2020
Focus On Breathing Techniques Powerpoint – Uploaded 21st April 2020
presentation Mindfulness Games – Uploaded 21st April 2020

The Interns will also find lots of additional resources that are applicable to them under the Key Stage 5 tab as that is their Key Stage.

We have created a task bank of activities under each of these areas of the curriculum. We would suggest that if they are able to engage in work, they should try to cover a range of activities, from a range of areas of the curriculum over the course of a week.

If you have limited time, we suggest the Interns to focus on their Flick courses, employability and online courses under the ‘online courses tab’.

For those Interns who are working from home, work from the employer is the priority.

If you are in a position to record your child enjoying any learning activities, we would love to see them. If you are able to, please email photos/videos to your child’s class teacher. We will be able to look at them and talk to your child about them via email. This will go some way to helping maintain positive teacher-student relationship during this time of social isolation.

If you have any questions about our online learning platform or pastoral support please feel free to email me. (

Many thanks

Ms Caddick

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