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Our Weekly News

In the boxes below, you can read about our best moments in school.
We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 4+

This week in Tasmania class we have carried on with our Food Technology recipe booklet.

We made an Eaton mess with fresh fruit, natural yoghurt and crumbled meringue nests. We have continued to work hard on White Rose Maths. We have practiced using our base ten boards and sorting Tens and Ones.

We also did some research about recycling in our city and landfill sites.

Another great week for Tasmania class!

Week 3+

This week in Tasmania class we worked really hard with our comprehension tasks in English. We took turns to help correct Mr. Terry’s spelling on the whiteboard!

We also celebrated Roald Dahl Day this week. We learnt about the famous books he wrote and choose our favourite storyline. We all had lots of fun designing our own Charlie and The Chocolate Factory chocolate wrapper. One of our students described their’ s as “choctastic”! Goodluck with finding the golden ticket Tasmania class!

We also made some blackberry smoothies in Food Technology and learnt how to steam vegetables to support our health and development. In Maths we are really enjoying using our new Maths equipment, it is really going to help our students to become Maths masters. Well done on a fantastic week Tasmania class.


Week 2+

The students have settled well during their first week back in school and have engaged well with their learning. The students have enjoyed exploring the outdoors; picking blackberries on the school grounds to complement next week’s food technology recipes whilst understanding how they can protect and maintain the environment through sustainable farming. It has been a pleasure to welcome all the students back into school and to hear all about their exciting Summer holidays!

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