UK Parliament Week

This week is not just the first week of term, but also the UK Parliament week. Last year almost a million people took part in over 8,000 activities in every region and nation of the UK, and countries all over the world. This year, Abbot’s Lea School is one of them.

By engaging in various activities planned for all Key stages, students had a chance to learn about our parliament, our government and our voting system. Learning in the classroom was enriched with a school trip to Town Hall. Six of our KS5 students participated in a Mayoral Debate.

Liverpool is a city where people always have something to say – but sometimes the council hasn’t always been as good at listening as it should have been. That is now changing – and one of the most important chances to make your voice heard will be the referendum on the mayoral model,” says Mayor of Liverpool Joanne Anderson.

Our students represented the views of our students in a discussion about the mayoral and leader-and-cabinet models. We also had a chance to explore the Town Hall and even sit in the discussion chambers, where our Mayor and other councilors sit.


This event was also covered in press. You can read the full news article here:

Our students wanted to use this opportunity to thank Mayor of Liverpool Joanne Anderson for inviting them. While Josh, Callum and Nathan particularly enjoyed the opportunity to visit our Town Hall, Chloe met with the organiser who gave her a LCC pride lanyard.

I would like to thank the organisers for being flexible and accomodating, as well our TA Jade Hughes, who supported our trip and made sure everyone arrive home safely.

Additional information and resources for UK Parliament Week can be found on their official page ( as well as our internal staff share drive.