4 March 2021 3pm

Message from Mrs Hildrey, our Headteacher:

Dear Families

We are fast approaching the end of this week and cannot wait to see all of the students next Monday! How exciting!

The work to prepare, behind the scenes, has been enormous and we have now communicated to all families our plans for the remainder of Term 4.

My letter to all families is here

Letter to all families from LCC is here

My letter to families of secondary age students is here with related privacy statement document here and consent for testing here

I want to draw your attention to the notification from LCC regarding home-based testing kits for families and support bubble members which you can now collect from selected centres or order for home-delivery. If you’re a member of a household, childcare bubble or support bubble of a member of school staff or a pupil you can now access testing twice weekly.

Further details can be found here

Testing is voluntary, but we strongly encourage students, staff and families to access it, as it is made available to us.

I look forward to seeing all of the students back at school on Monday and I am confident that we will have a brilliant remainder of Term 4!

Kind regards

Mrs A Hildrey

Risk Assessment v20, 4.3.2021


Welcome to Abbot’s Lea School

Abbot’s Lea School is an outstanding special school that provides the highest quality of education for nearly 300 students aged 3-19 living with Autism and a range of associated communication, interaction, social, imagination, sensory and learning differences.

Despite all of the uncertainty around us, one thing is 100% constant and that is my own and my team’s commitment to Abbot’s Lea School community.

I feel honoured to be our school’s Headteacher and, together with an outstanding team of staff, we work tirelessly to ensure the best education and care is on offer at our school.

This year, our school is organised as follows:

Primary Department:

  • Early Years and Key Stage One (EY/KS1)
  • Key Stage Two (KS2)

Secondary Department:

  • Key Stage Three (KS3)
  • Key Stage Four (KS4)
  • Key Stage Five (KS5)

Due to Covid-19, the school site is split the school into six geographical parts, called Zones. Within each Zone, we house all of our 24 classrooms and all of the offices, staff rooms and meeting rooms, which we call Bubbles:

  • Zone 1 – The House (each office/room/area is a self-contained bubble)
  • Zone 2 – Christmas Island and Malawi (2 bubbles)
  • Zone 3 – Spain, Italy, Wales, Ireland, Portugal, France (6 bubbles)
  • Zone 4 – Canada, USA, Brazil, Peru (4 bubbles)
  • Zone 5 – Mozambique, Botswana, Madagascar, Kenya, Seychelles, Cape Verde (6 bubbles)
  • Zone 6 – Tasmania, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji (6 bubbles)

I have always practised an ‘open door’ policy and so I really encourage you to take advantage of this – please contact me whenever issues arise – and whilst I have had to put a temporary stop to my open invitation for you to just come in to say ‘hello’, I continue to welcome direct communication.

I also warmly encourage you to find our more about our school’s daily updates by following us on Twitter and Facebook: @AbbotsLeaSchool.

Our vision is to become an International Centre of Excellence in Autism Education, Research and Development, where every student and member of staff can be the best that they can be – we hope you join us on our journey!

Mrs A Hildrey, B.Ed(Hons), M.Ed. NPQH, FCCT

E: headteacher@abbotsleaschool.co.uk