Student Council

Student council gives you as a student the opportunity to play an active role in decisions that affect you. You can plan and review the actions you have taken as well as taking responsibility for how this will happen.

Who is a School Council?

School council provides a meaningful way in which all students can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions that impact them.

The school council is made up of a group of students, who have been elected by their classmates to support our direct democratic system. Members of the student council, our Deputy Headteacher analyses student experience and discuss ideas for improvement.

What are the benefits of joining the School Council?

Students’ voice encourages children and young people to become active members of a democratic society.

School councils help develop skills, such as collaboration and communication, and encourage students to take responsibility for their decisions.

Students involved in making decisions benefit in a variety of different ways: increased confidence, self-esteem, ability and a greater sense of responsibility.

How often does the school council meet?

The school council members meet at least once every term, but communicate weekly with the classes they represent.

How to join the school council?

  • Every student has a chance to apply to join the student council
  • Fill in the application form and leave it in the Student Council box 
  • You can ask peers or adults to help you or chose one of the alternative formats

Additional Information and resources:


Even if you choose not to say much or become members of action groups, you will learn in an environment where you can be confident that your input is valued and respected.


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