Our Staff

Strategic Leadership Team (SLT)+

Mrs Ania Hildrey – Headteacher
Mrs Emily Tobin – Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Keri Myers – School Business Manager

supported by:
Miss Lexie McComasky – Headteacher’s PA and Clerk to the Governors; pa@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Operational Leadership Team (OLT)+

Miss Laura Gibney – Assistant Headteacher – Primary Department

Mr Ryan Mason – Assistant Headteacher – Secondary Department

Miss Claire Welch – Head of Therapies

Miss Lisa Sharpe – Safeguarding Manager

Miss Melanie Douglas – HR Manager

Miss Ellen-Rose Galvin – Office Manager

Mr Joe Finneran – Facilities Manager


Our Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Classes:

  • Ireland Class – Mrs Maria Hattersley – maria.hattersley@abbotsleaschool.co.uk
  • Wales Class – Miss Sarah Livermore – sarah.livermore@abbotsleaschool.co.uk
  • Portugal Class – Miss Emily Quinn – emily.quinn@abbotsleaschool.co.uk
  • France Class – Miss Emily Cooney – emily.cooney@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Our Key Stage 2 Classes:

KS2 Adapted National Curriculum Classes

  • USA – Mrs Kate Allen- kate.allen@abbotsleaschool.co.uk
  • Peru – Mrs Lisa Rodway – lisa.rodway@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Our KS2 Bespoke Curriculum Classes

  • Italy – Miss Alex Leyland – alex.leyland@abbotsleaschool.co.uk
  • Spain – Mrs Lizzy Holmes – lizzy.holmes@abbotsleaschool.co.uk
  • Canada – Mrs Hayley Simm – hayley.simm@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Our Key Stage 3 (KS3) Classes:

Our Adapted National Curriculum Classes

Fiji – Miss Alice Newport – alice.newport@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

New Zealand – Ms Joanne Hesketh joanne.hesketh@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Australia – Ms Christine Heaney christine.heaney@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Tasmania – Miss Alicia Henigan – alicia.henigan@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Samoa – Mr Andrew Brown – andrew.brown@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Our Bespoke Curriculum Classes

Brazil – Miss Emma Orme – emma.orme@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Our Key Stage 4 (KS4) Classes:

Our Adapted National Curriculum Classes

Mozambique – Miss Francine Arands – francine.arands@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Botswana – Mr Chris Mellor – christopher.mellor@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Madagascar – Miss Rebecca Naylor – rebecca.naylor@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Kenya – Mrs Sarah Woodward – sarah.woodward@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Seychelles – Mrs Jess Anderson – jess.anderson@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Cape Verde – Mrs Alison Roberts-Mosaid – alison.robertsmosaid@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Our Key Stage 5 (KS5) Classes:

Our Adapted National Curriculum Classes

Malawi – Miss Sophie Gibney – sophie.gibney@abbotsleaschool.co.uk
Christmas Island – Mr Neil Griffiths – neil.griffiths@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Our Bespoke Curriculum Classes

Papua New Guinea – Mr Daniel Hatton – daniel.hatton@abbotsleaschool.co.uk

Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT)+

Multidisciplinary operation:

  • Safeguarding Team, led by Miss Sharpe, our Safeguarding Manager (safeguarding@abbotsleaschool.co.uk) and is here to help with any welfare matters arising 52 weeks a year.
  • Our Therapies Team led by Miss Welch, Head of Therapies (therapies@abbotsleaschool.co.uk) includes:
    Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Team
    Speech and Language Therapy
    Occupational Therapy
    Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
Employability Team+
School Business Support Team+

Mrs Keri Myers – School Business Manager

Miss Ellen-Rose Galvin, Office Manager
Miss Melanie Douglas, HR Manager

Mr Joe Finneran – Facilities Manager

Ms Libby Frankland – Administrator
Miss Bev Lunt – Administrator
Mr Anthony Abbott – Facilities Assistant
Mr Gavin Barry – Facilities Assistant
Mr Robert Daly – Data and ICT Technician
Mrs Mina Swinburn – Finance and Payroll
Mr Fernando Ramos – Cook
Mrs Michelle Featherstone – Catering Assistant
Miss Karen Simpson – Catering Assistant
Mrs Paula Carson – Catering Assistant
Miss Jenna Donnellan – Cleaner

Governing Body+

Ania Hildrey, Headteacher

Sarah Powell, LA Representative Governor and Vice Chair of Governors
Rob Lowe,  Co-opted Governor and Chair of Governors

Eileen Walsh, Co-opted Governor
Dr Andrew McCaldon, Co-opted Governor

Rebecca Dean, Co-opted Governor

Marc Whitmore, Co-opted Governor


Alicea Thompson, Parent Governor

Wendy Walsh, Parent Governor

Daniel Hatton, Staff Governor


Lexie McComasky, Clerk to the Governing Body


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