Family Training Programme

Family Training+

Term 1
Date: 4 October 2022
Session: Working with and for Families – Introduction to our Family Support Programme
Speaker: Emily Tobin, Alison Twomey, Claire Welch, Dr Sara Mursic


Term 2
Date: 22 November 2022
Session: Routines and Dealing with Change
Speaker: Dr Sara Mursic

Term 3
Date: 17 January 2022
Session: Puberty, Relationships and Sexuality
Speaker: Dr Sara Mursic and Olivia Izzo (Child Psychotherapist)

Training presentation slides
Social Story – Puberty (Girls)
Social Story – Puberty (Boys)
Social Story – My Body is Private
Social Story – Taking off My Clothes
Activity – space, clothes, actions (board)
Activity – Public Private (board)
Activity – symbols to sort

Term 4
Date: 14 March (on-site training 10am-1pm)
Behaviour as Communication
Trainers: Dr Sara Mursic and Claire Welch

Term 5
Date: 9 May 2022
Session: Autism and Girls
Speakers: Michelle Blake, Mica Jayne Coleman Jones

Term 6
Date: 13 June 2022
Session: Sports activities and leisure
Speaker: TBC

Curriculum and Accredited Learning+

Please find below the recording from 11th January 2022 of our first session of the parent training programme.

The session covers the curriculum we offer here at Abbot’s Lea School and was delivered by Mrs Emily Tobin our Deputy Headteacher.


Accredited Learning Info Session


Date: 9/2/2022 2-3pm
Session: Eating support, eating disorders and ARFID
Speaker: Sharon Becker


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