FAB! – Friends Of Abbot’s Lea

The Abbot’s Lea School PTA (Parent and Teachers Association) is simply a group of families, staff members and friends who wish to make ALS a place where our children’s education is fun, meaningful and inspiring. Our PTA is called Friends of Abbot’s Lea – FAB!

Our primary aim is to encourage a close and welcoming relationship among the families and school community. Our secondary aim is to fundraise to provide additional resources for the school to enhance our children’s time here through trips and activities they would not be able to do otherwise. This is done independently from the school, through our registered charity, which you can help run.

We organise and support various social and fun events for you and your children to enjoy, including Friday coffee morning, Summer and Christmas fairs, weekend meetups, nature and park walks, school performances and concerts.

With the funds raised in the previous years, the FAB! has contributed to building additional learning cabins and outdoor sports and play areas. There is so much we can do with your support, so don’t hesitate and get involved.

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