Abbot’s Lea School is organising an international conference!

Dear families and friends of Abbot’s Lea School
You are invited to join our conference aimed at developing an open-dialogue among all stakeholders from across disciplines and professions.
We believe that the dialogue will help us develop effective and comprehensive services for children, young people and the whole families within their community.

International conference Innovative methods and approaches in working with children with SEND is organised jointly by the Children’s Creative Centre DOKKICA (Osijek, Croatia) and Abbot’s Lea School (Liverpool, UK).

In our partnership, we consider the development of the relationships with a child and family, as well as the optimal social-sensory environment as two crucial factors for successful support within all settings.
Date: 15 June 2022
Location: Online (via Zoom)

Our aim is to highlight a wide range of methods and approaches used by experts from different academic, cultural, therapeutic and social settings.
We look forward to your applications!
In the current educational and therapeutic practice, there are numerous methods and approaches to working with children with SEND. Depending on the awareness and available resources, every community tends to find the best solution for this group of children in order to achieve the best result or the greatest possible improvement. Given the individual characteristics of each child, and the different needs of each family, it is important for professionals today to be aware and combine different methods and approaches in order to connect with and support the whole ecosystem around the child. For some, combining two methods will result in a new, integrative approach, and for others, it will require collaboration within and outside a multidisciplinary team.


Help us create a space for exchange of ideas and experiences for professionals who are developing and/or applying different methods, approaches and techniques in working with children with SEND within their families and communities. That platform of experts from various fields and disciplines will enable faster and more effective problem-solving and reduce social inequalities in service for this large and important population.


To highlight our open and inclusive approach, your participation in the conference is free (this applies to both speakers and attendees).


More information can be found on the website

The conference is held as part of the project Development of Innovative Social Services project – Integrative Counselling and Support Centre, co-financed by the European Social Fund, of which DOKKICA is a beneficiary.