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Week 31+

This week in KS5, we have been continuing to focus on our exam preparations, readying ourselves for next week. Everyone is trying very hard, and we staff think that everyone is going to do really well. We have also been looking at Health and Safety practice in the work place.

Not only is this giving the students an idea of how to stay safe in a place of work, they have also been applying the knowledge in the classroom and the food tech room. Speaking of the food tech room, this week the key stage have made chicken and sweetcorn soup. All of the soups made received rave reviews, but a particular soup made by Mr. Stokes’ group has been the talk of the town.

A huge good luck to all of KS4 and KS5 students taking exams next week, we are sure you will all try your best!

Week 30+

This week in KS5, we have been continuing doing mock exams, preparing for the real ones later in the year. The students are doing very well and all the staff are very pleased with their hard work. We also had a visit from Mrs. Hildrey who helped Malawi class with learning about how first impressions are important when we go for job or college interviews. In food tech this week, we made carrot and coriander soup. After we made the soup, the students performed a blind taste test to see whether they preferred shop bought or homemade soup.

Week 29+

This week in Key Stage 5 we have being doing mock exam papers in preparation for the real exams that he students will be doing in the summer. Everyone has made a huge effort and lots’ of our students have done really well. In food tech this week, we made chicken noodle soup. Joslin said that it smelled “exquisite”. Lots’ of our students tried the soup and really enjoyed it. A group of our students had a meeting with Mr Cocklin to discuss plans for the sensory garden that we cleared before Christmas, planning what we would like to do with the space.

Week 28+

This week in KS5, we have been learning about job interviews. The students began the week discussing what to do, and what not to do in a job interview. We then had lots of fun having mock job interviews, the students used everything they learnt this week to try to make great first impressions to employers (the class staff). We also have been looking at why work experience is important and what we can all gain from participating in work experience. The students made a work experience checklist for themselves to complete before turning up to a work placement.


KS5 staff are all really proud of all of our students for demonstrating how fantastic our school is to the OFSTED inspectors this week.

Week 27+

In KS5 this week, we have had a focus on work experience. We have had discussions, about what work experience the students would like to try and what skills we need in the workplace. We have also discussed why work experience is important as well as what we can gain by doing it. We have had a fantastic first week back after the Easter holidays and we are looking forward to a very busy term.

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