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Week 31+

This week, PNG have been getting prepared for their upcoming exams in a variety of ways. Firstly, for English we have looked at identifying layout features of different in texts. In Maths, we have recapped over specific topics that will be covered in the Maths exam through Kahoot quizzes. For Science, we are finishing the last topic that looks at how to carry out and plan for an experiment.

Finally, it has also been important to complete other activities that are not necessarily subject related. For example, as it is ‘World Mental Health Awareness Week’, PNG have had in depth discussions about mental health and have focused on their wellbeing by doing something that they enjoy whether that be drawing, reading, playing outside or speaking to friends.

Once again well-done PNG for all your hard work in whatever task you do!

Week 30+

This week in PNG the class have been looking at specific topics to help with the upcoming exams. For example, in English we have focused on structuring our paragraphs using the acronym PEE (Point, Evidence and Explain) and learned how to make inferences based on specific texts through comprehension activities. In Maths, students have interpreted how to use data using graphs in particular line graphs. In ICT, we have gone over how to use formulas in a spreadsheet.

Apart from subject-based tasks, we have also made chocolate rice crispy cakes for food tech and have now decided to centre our ‘I Will’ project with LFC on helping the LGBTQ+ community. Finally, PNG had a worthwhile discussion on whether gun laws should be abolished in the USA.


Well done PNG for all your hard work!

Week 29+

The focus, in PNG this week has been mocks. In all subjects such as English, Maths and ICT students have completed a test in exam conditions. This practise has been vital for the students as it has shown them how to deal with a change in the classroom but also has prepared them for when they come to do the actual test.

PNG class have also looked at completing another unit for their functional skills science qualification by completing a booklet on the solar system. As a class, we also took part in a discussion on whether violent video games should be banned. Finally, LFC have visited PNG and looked at the importance of empathy towards other people and their circumstances.

Well done PNG for finishing your mocks and have a lovely weekend!

Week 28+

This week, PNG have been up to lots of interesting activities. For example, in English, we have continued reading ‘The Woman in Black’ and have particularly focused on the language features used and the effect it has upon the reader. In Maths, we have carried on with interpreting statistical data and have answered GSCE style questions. In Science, PNG had a look at how the heart works by giving the students an actual sheep’s heart to dissect!

As well as this, PNG have looked at how to behave within the workplace for Life Skills and have looked at how to be successful in an interview for employability. LFC also came to visit PNG class to discuss the topic of stigma to which students gave their own examples of times where stigma and prejudice has happened.

Finally, in food tech we followed a recipe in order to make Oreo cheesecake (the results looked very yummy!)

Well Done PNG for all your hard work!

Week 27+

After a restful Easter break, PNG have come back ready to learn and get back into the school routine! For English, we have continued to read ‘The Woman in Black’ and have created descriptions of settings and characters using typography. We have also looked at different types of texts by identifying their genre, audience and purpose. Linking with this, the students also visited the library and chose a fiction book to read at the start of the day in order to improve their reading and writing skills.

For Maths, we have looked at statistical data in particular being able to use charts and diagrams. In Science, students have completed another unit linked to their functional skills qualification. As a class, we looked at the respiratory system through crafting a set of lungs and for the central nervous system we used a game to test how quickly our reaction times were (all students were pretty quick including staff!).

As well as completing tasks for academic subjects, PNG took part in discussions with LFC for the ‘I Will’ project, which looks at helping the community. Finally, in Life Skills, the class took part in carrying out following specific administrative tasks, which gave them first-hand experience of what the world of world would be like in an office or business setting.

Links to open sessions at Hugh Baird College and Myerscough College for September.

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