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Week 3+

Well done PNG for a great week of learning.

You have been challenged and you have risen to it, completing some excellent work and demonstrating real perseverance when things were tough. You completed more assessments which help staff to gauge progress and next steps. You followed written and verbal instructions and made a very tasty and healthy butternut squash. You rose to the challenge of a 10 minute writing task producing some great examples of narrative structure.

Please take the opportunity to read Paul’s amazing piece.  In science we learned about the circulatory system measuring our blood O2 levels and Mrs Wong did a great job of dissecting a heart. Well done to those who stayed to watch it all and Mrs Wong too ❤️!

In PE we had a great session of multi-sports delivered by LFC Foundation, it really increased our fitness. Thank you!


Have a great weekend everyone!

Week 2+

Well done everyone for a great start to the year.

Everyone has coped really well; coming back to our school routine and settling to work and adapting to KS4 expectations.

We have completed some assessments in Maths, English and PE. These baselines will help you measure your progress this year. No doubt this will be outstanding! We have a lot to look forward to.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday,

PNG Team

Amazing recipe made by Kelsie!!

Links to open sessions at Hugh Baird College and Myerscough College for September.

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