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We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 31+

We have had a really productive week. We started our own gothic fiction story. We wrote the introduction/setting using horror adjectives and similes. All the staff absolutely loved reading these stories, gave us all a fright for sure. We planted cat grass seeds for our Science/allotment unit. The pupils learnt about the photosynthesis process and how plants carry food and water around.

We completed our GL Maths assessments this week, so a big well done for all of our pupils for trying their hardest during the test.

For food tech this week, we made healthy bagels in class. We had light cream cheese, cucumber and bacon. We want to thank Mrs Hildrey for coming into our food tech lesson and teaching us the word Obwarzanek – meaning a ring-shaped bread.

In life skills, we finished off our artwork with everyone’s turning out amazingly. We cannot wait to display them. Well done on all the articles for the KS4 newspaper. All the staff enjoy reading all the articles.

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Samoa class team 🙂

Week 30+

A short but sweet week this week. We started off this week jumping straight into reading and finishing Frankenstein story. We answered comprehension questions about the final chapters that our peers have written. This is all in preparation to the pupils writing a book review and eventually writing their own Gothic Fictions story.

In math’s we have been looking at data and statistics and completing White Rose Math worksheets. All the pupils have done really well in extracting the correct data to answer the questions.

In Science, we have done an investigation this week. We had eight white flowers and four different food colouring solutions. The investigation was to see if the white petals changed to the colour of the food colouring solution. We also learnt the key component that required is to carry the water and glucose around the plant. For the Project/allotment work, we looked at farming and how it  has changed over the years.

For food tech, we made yummy sausage and broccoli pasta. All the pupils loved this super healthy and delicious dish.

We finished our art projects in Life Skills. Every single pupil has produced amazing art and we really would love to showcase it. We also looked at how we go about doing a display so hopefully everyone can enjoy looking at the art too.

Lovely articles where produced for our weekly KS4 newspaper.

Well done guy’s and have a wonderful weekend.

Samoa Class Team 🙂

Week 29+

This week we have been looking at line graphs. The pupils can all now confidently insert data onto a line graph and estimate where other data may be on the graph.

In English, we continued reading Frankenstein and wrote questions for a friend about the chapters we have read. For Science and Project,, we have been on a learning walk and drew flowers we saw on the walk. The pupils then labelled the properties of the flower, and what they need to grow.

For food tech we made Healthy Burgers, everyone really enjoyed making them…and eating them. We looked at where foods come from around the world and identified the countries on a map.

For Life Skills we started to make our art creation inspired by our heroes, we have been planning this for a few weeks, so all the pupils were excited to start it.

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Samoa Class Team 🙂

Week 28+

This week Samoa have had a really good week.

We have been looking at bar charts and working out differences between the data provided within the bar chart.

In English, we have started reading Frankenstein and completing comprehension questions. We have also started our letter to send to our friends “Henry” from “Victor” describing what gruesome creature we have created.

In Science, we have looked at the different properties of an animal and a plant cell. We made our own plant cells from Tupperware boxes, jelly, grapes and beans, which represented the different properties.

In life skills, we worked on our teamwork skills by getting into groups and one member had to design a bridge from Lego. One member had to assemble it without looking at the design, while one member was giving them instructions. Each team did an amazing job, and it was so good to see everyone working on language and communication skills. We also got our supplies for our art project we are doing in Life Skills and worked in this week’s issue of the KS4 newspaper.

We have been lucky enough to have our sensory equipment delivered. We have had lots of fun playing on the body boards, trying to get beanbags from one bucket to another. LFC came and taught us for P.E, teaching us how to control the ball and pass straight.

For Food Tech this week we made yummy Oreo Cheesecake. The class got into pairs and followed the instructions independently. After they completed an evaluation sheet and looked up the prices of each ingredient on the internet.

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Samoa Class Team 🙂

Week 27+

This week Samoa have had a great week back. We have been looking at comparison, sum and difference in maths. All pupils have completed worksheets successfully on this math’s work and have shown great understanding. In English, the new topic of Gothic Fiction was introduced. We started looking at the author Mary Shelley who wrote the famous Frankenstein book.

For our project work, we went on a walk to see where we would be planting our allotment. All of the pupils are excited about starting this and cannot wait to start gardening soon. We also linked this with science and looked at the properties of a flower, how they reproduce and gain their nutrients.

For food tech, this week we made tasty pizza wraps. Every pupil carefully listened to instruction and worked as mature young adults when using the ovens.

We were lucky enough to have LFC teach us in P.E. All pupils were very respectful and carefully listened to everything they were teaching us; we are very proud of the Samoa pupils.

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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