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Week 31+

This week in Tasmania class, we have been planning to make our Mexican feast in Food Technology. We budgeted, ordered ingredients and prepped. The students then made fresh salsa and guacamole to fill our Quesadilla wraps. The students used a grill to toast the wraps and take home for their families to taste. The students continued to work hard on their phonics and reading interventions. One of our students progressed a book band, well done!

Week 30+

This week in Tasmania class, we have been working on our Maths skills. We used scales to weight fruits that may grow in an allotment. We first identified the country the fruit is native to and then weighed them using the scales. The pupils put them in weight order starting with the lightest up to the heaviest. In class this week, we also had a go at using dictionaries to find the meaning of words from a book we have been reading about gardening and allotments. One of our pupils even wrote his own list of rules for a safer version of dodge ball, for example, using a soft fabric ball and only aiming at legs and arms to score points. Excellent problem solving and risk assessment!

Week 29+

This week in Tasmania class, we have been learning about finding the perimeter and area of rectangles and triangles. The students worked really hard to learn this skill in their Maths lessons and practiced on mini whiteboards. In Food Technology, we made chocolate banana sticks. The students chose their own toppings and edible eyes to create their own characters. The students then named their creations and evaluated them. We carried on with our allotment project, learning about insects. We categorised which ones are friends, and which are pests to gardeners.

Week 28+

This week in Tasmania class, we have been continuing our learning about allotments. We concentrated on fruits that grow on an allotment. We extended this by using a map of the world to learn about where fruit grows throughout the world. Did you know that China grows the most apples? Tasmania class made a delicious fruit salad in Food Technology by chopping up some of the fruit discussed in our previous lessons.

Week 27+

This week in Tasmania class, we welcomed back our students after enjoying the Easter break. We started our project for this term, allotments and have been researching what you can grow on allotments. We have used Jam board to work together to share our ideas and work as a team. In Food Technology this week, we made some chocolate bark. We found some tree bark out in the school grounds and used the texture and look of it as inspiration for our chocolate bark.

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