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We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 31+

This week in Cape Verde, we have looked at time in Maths and calligrams in English. We used our knowledge of time to solve maths problems. Everyone enjoyed making their own calligrams and added them to our display! We also celebrated Eid this week and learnt all about why people fast. We celebrated by listening to traditional music, learning some Arabic phrases and making cards for our friends. We have also really focused on behaviours and attitudes this week and thought about how we behave when we feel different emotions and how these behaviours impact others. We thought of lots of different strategies to help us feel ‘green’. Everyone in Cape Verde has taken part in Kindness Bingo and has done a kind act every day! We have written letters to express our gratitude to people who have helped us and we have said thank you to people who have been kind to us.

Week 30+

This week in Cape Verde has loved being outside despite the weather. We have collected items from our grounds to make natural perfumes for our potions project. In Art, we have enjoyed creating watercolour artwork imagining what our potions would look like if they had spilt. There were some very interesting designs!

In English this week, we have finalised our persuasive writing theme and we are looking forward to starting poems next week. This week we have finished our statistics work in Maths, we are very impressed by our budding data analysts in Cape Verde!

Week 29+

Week 2 has flown by in Cape Verde! We have continued looking at data and statistics in maths and have discovered lots’ of different ways to work out averages, some are quite tricky, but we persevered and can now work out the mode, range and mean from a set of data. In English we have been looking at comprehension, grammar and our answering question that have sparked a good debate such as “what is better for listening to music: earbuds or headphones?” and if college athletes should be paid or not. In art we have designed and created clay pots, we are looking forward to painting them over the next week once they are dry. Hope you all have a good bank holiday weekend

Week 28+

This week we have loved looking at our potions project. We have studied viscosity and temperature in science, using fair tests. In Maths, the boys have mastered tally and bar charts, creating their own surveys to question the other students in our zone, from birthday months to favourite fruit amazing bar charts have been created all around! Well done! 🙂

In English this week we have practiced our persuasive writing, we did get involved in the M&S/Aldi caterpillar cake debate arguing for M&S to drop their lawsuit against poor Cuthbert! We were very pleased with Aldi’s choice to bring Cuthbert back to donate any money to charity.

A lovely second week back!

Week 27+

Welcome back Cape Verde! It has been great to you all again and we hope you have enjoyed your Easter break. We have made the most of the weather this week getting out-and-about looking for signs of spring in the grounds and enjoyed spending time outdoors. In maths, we have begun to look at statistics and different ways of recording information. We have worked on interpreting the information from a tally chart and pictogram as well as looking at the properties of circles. In English, we have been working our persuasive writing skills. We have researched adverts and looked at the language and techniques used to sway our opinions as well as noticing key phrases. We have written letters, acted out adverts and began scripting a radio advert. In science, we have looked at solids liquids and gasses and their properties and sorted different materials.

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