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In the boxes below, you can read about our best moments in school.
We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 23+

Kenya have had a super last week.

In English we have been finish our book holes and discussing genre.

In Math’s we have been practicing our times tables and every day math’s skills.

This week we used different websites and filtering skills to find house prices in different areas.

In History we finished our topic of the Maya, looking at the end of Mayan civilization.

In Science we finished looking at fossils and how they are formed and in Food technology we made some peach and orange with cinnamon and ginger oats.

Well done for a fantastic term Kenya Class.

Week 22+

This week we have been very busy. In English, we have been uising theasures to improve our writing skills as well as making perditions around key events in the story. In math’s we have been focusing on converting miles and kilometers as well as capacity and volume. We took part in a interactive life skills lesson in which we were learning about LGBT+ history. We also heard from our apprentices in school about how they got to where they are and the different career paths which are available to us. In Art we continued to make art inspired by Andy Warhol and in History we explored Mayan writing and calendars.

Week 21+

This week in Kenya class we have been celebrating Chinese New Year, we took part in some quizzes, tried some different Chinese food and watched the Chinese dancers performance in the hall.

In art, we created self portraits in the style of Andy Warhol. In history we used different sources to research are our questions around The Mayan civilization.

We have been continuing our book ‘holes’ this week we have looked at our are initial impression on characters have changed from the start of the text to now. Along with the importance of catchy titles.

In French we have been learning all about the weather and in science we have been learning about the process of fossilization.

Well Done Kenya Class.

Week 20+

This week in Kenya Class we have been continuing to read our story ‘Holes’ and looking at different characters in the story.

In maths we have been learning about volume, mass and capacity. In science we learnt about Mary Anning and how she was one of the greatest fossil hunters of all time.

On Wednesday we made coconut and fish curry. In History we continued to learn about The Maya, focusing on what religion was like then.

Week 19+

This week we have been continuing to read holes by Louis Sachar, we have been comparing what Stanley expected camp green lake to look like and the character of Stanley with other characters. In Math’s we have been expanding on our knowledge of position and direction, using reflection and symmetry. In Science we used paint and washing up liquid to investigated how the air trapped in bubbles and use this to make some art work. In History we continued to learn about The Maya and how they organised societies. In food tech we have been continuing with our one pot theme and made some chicken noodle soup. Well Done Kenya Class!

Week 18+

This week in Kenya class we began our new book ‘holes’ by Louis Sachar. We looked at the front cover and blurb to make perditions about what might happen in the story. We also used the text to create advertisement selling different inventions.

In Maths we have been continuing to learn about position and direction, plotting and using coordinates to answer questions. In science we have been continuing out topic on |Rocks, fossils and soils. We categorised different rocks depending on the characteristics it has. We also used sugar to create our own sugar crystals.

In History we learnt how the Mayan civilisation developed over time. In P.E we began to learn gymnastics, looking at different ways we can balance. In French, we learnt the months of the year as well as the season.

Well done for a busy week.

Week 17+

Welcome back Kenya Class! This week we have been Learning about Nouns and pronouns in English, in order to help us improve out writing skills.

In Maths, we began our topic on position and direction. In science we looked at different soils, understanding the difference in a man-made rock and a natural rock that has been used to create something by man.

In History, we started our topic on ‘The Maya’ looking at what we have today from Mayan culture. In Art we looked at Andy Warhol and the pop art movement and in R.E we started our new topic of Jewish worship and community.

Well done on a busy first week back Kenya class!

Week 15+
Week 14+

This week in Kenya class we finished reading The Butterfly Lion, we created our own book reports on the book. In Maths we completed some more activities on fraction. In geography we used atlases to compare the similarities and differences of European cities. We have been very creative this week, creating our own clay sculptures along with our own Christmas tree decorations. In LifeSkills, we completed a quiz all about ourselves and our classmates along with what is a healthy diet and why is it important we have one. Well done for a very busy week Kenya Class.

Week 13+

This week in Kenya Class we have been learning about the features of poems and spotting them in different poems.

In Maths we have continued focusing on fractions and finding quantities of fractions.

In science this week we had a science experiment looking at what makes a good bubble and how many bubbles can we join together.

We continue our geography topic learning all about other European countries, this week focusing on what the capital cities are of those different countries.

In Design technology we made our designs for our miniature greenhouse ready to build next week.

We also started to enjoy some Christmas activities, decorating our class tree and making decorations for it as well as making our own chocolate brownie Christmas trees.

Well done for a very busy week Kenya Class and happy December!

Week 12+

Kenya Class have been continuing to read ‘The butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo. We have been focusing on a letter that was written by the characters and what these letters show us about the relationship between the characters. We hot seated different characters asking them about how they felt.

In Maths this week have been focusing on fractions, everyone worked really hard in maths this week.

In Design Technology we have been learning about different materials to use when creating a green house and what will be the most effective materials to use.

In science this week we looked at different flowers and how to classify them, taking part in some kahoot quizzes on the topic.

In LifeSkills we have been focusing body positivity.

Week 11+

This week in Kenya Class we have been reading some more of the Butterfly Lion and using this to write our own balanced arguments. I was so impressed with everyone final draft of their balanced arguments.

In Maths this week we have finished our topic on multiplication and division. In geography we have been looking at different European countries and seeing how many we can name.

In Design Technology we have been investigating the best structures to make a stable greenhouse. In Science this week we have been continuing to look at the best way to classify animals, we used classification charts to find out what different animals names.

Well done for a busy week Kenya Class.

Week 10+

This week in Kenya Class we have been continuing to read our book ‘The butterfly Lion’ we have been using the book to write balanced arguments and debate what we would do if we were the main character.

In Maths we have been focusing on Multiplication and Division looking at prime numbers and square numbers. We celebrated World Science Day on Wednesday by experimenting with bubbles and seeing if we could join lots together as well as putting a bubble inside another bubble.

In P.E we practiced are throwing and catching, having a large game of dodgeball.

In design Technology we looked at the importance of greenhouses to grow seasonal fruit and vegetables all year round. On Remembrance day we made some art work using poppies.

Week 9+

Well done Kenya class for a great first week back. We started our week by reading some of our new book for the half- term. The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. We also did some research about Michael Morpurgo and his other books. In maths we have been learning about multiples and factors. In Geography we have started learning about Europe and its neighbouring countries. This morning we made our own homemade burgers with cheese – we are excellent chefs in Kenya class!

Week 8+

A great final week before we break up for half term! We have completed our end of term assessments and used our new found skills to solve a spooky mystery in maths.  In English we read an e-book called “The curse of Cogston House” and made our own spooky characters. We have been creative in Food Technology and made sausage mummies for halloween – great fun.

Week 7+

In English we have be focusing on continuing to learn about the Rainforest and we have been following on with writing our own instructions using Chatta online to help write and photograph these instructions.

Meanwhile in Maths we have been looking at estimating numbers and number value.

In Food Teach we made chicken and mushroom noodles!  In Topic we began looking at tornados and their affects, P.E. we played basketball with Seychelles and this week

Week 6+

This week in Kenya (just changed over from Cape Verde), the class completed the following activities.

For English, we looked over imperative verbs and created our own instructions in order for a new student to locate the school lunch hall.

In Maths, the students were able to count using larger digits and sequence numbers using whole and negative numbers.

In food tech, the class followed a recipe to make a tuna pasta bake.

Finally, the pupils have learnt what happens when a Tsunami occurs and what to do in an event of a Tsunami.

Week 5+

This week in Cape Verde class we have been very busy with lots of exciting activities. In English we have been writing individual newspaper reports to create a class newspaper. In Maths we have been focusing on column addition and subtraction using different maths equipment. In food technology we had two groups, the red pepper and the green peppers with two head chefs helping their teams to make lasagne. In the afternoons we have been learning about earthquakes. We designed and created our own earthquake proof houses, testing how secure they would be if an earthquake struck by placing them on top of some jelly and wobbling them. Well done for all your hard work this week!

Week 4+

This week in Cape Verde class we have been doing the following in the following subject areas:


Starting with English we’ve been looking at newspapers and writing our own articles and newspaper.  In Maths has been Roman numerals and negative numbers. Food tech we made some delicious meatballs!  For our class Project we looked at chemical reactions as we made our volcanos erupted this week after making them last week and started to learn a bit about earthquakes and how we track and prepare for these!  Finally in P.E. this week we played dodgeball as a class.

Week 3+

Cape Verde class have had a busy second week of Term.

In Maths we have been continuing to learn about place value up to the value of one million, as well as negative numbers and roman numerals. In English we have been focusing on the key aspects of a fable and using that information to create our own fables. We had a wide variety of different morals from the class.

This week we made chicken stir-fry in Food technology, lots of us enjoy the stir-fry for our lunch. In the afternoons we have been learning about natural disasters, this week focusing on volcanos. We made our own Papier-mâché volcanoes, which we will see erupt next week. Well done for working hard this week cape Verde Class!

Week 2+

It’s been a fantastic first week in Cape Verde class. We started off the week getting to know each other and finding out each other’s strengths and skills. In English we started our topic for this half term, learning about fables. We read some fables together and researched what a fable needs to include. We also started are new project for this half – term all about natural disasters, we learnt about the layers of the earth and made our own edible layers of the earth. In Food Technology we went to the Food tech room and made spaghetti Bolognese, we enjoyed experimenting with different spices to create the perfect Bolognese. Well done for a super first week in Cape Verde Class!

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