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Week 3+

Seychelles have been learning about roman numerals in maths, punctuating speech in English and developing their understanding of the fable: the town mouse and the country mouse. Students have compared the morals from different fables and taken part in a class discussion.

In food tech, we made sweet chilli chicken stir fry and everyone worked brilliantly in their groups. In key skills, we have been working on maths skills, phonics and spellings. PE this week involved a fantastic game of Kwik Cricket with Cape Verde class. Our project lessons have been excellent this week, with pupils producing their own model earth to show the different earth’s layers, learning all about tectonic plates. We even started work on our own volcanoes and plan to finish them next week. Looking forward to enrichment clubs starting this week

Week 2+

During the returning week for Seychelles class, we have had an excellent return for all of our students. We have ranged from Math’s and English, to ICT. We have also been building social skills through playing board games.


During the math’s lessons with the class, we have been doing positive and negative numbers. The boys have thrived through the tasks that the class team has set for them to complete.


So far we have been learning about Fable, The hare and the tortoise. The boys were all very invested into the fable story and really enjoyed the worksheets provided for them. They all excelled brilliantly throughout the lessons.


The class have really enjoyed the ICT lessons with the laptops provided to the boys. They also completed Star Reading tests on the laptops, which once again, they boys were great at.


They all have been playing football during their PE lesson, all taking part and enjoying themselves with friends.

Social Skills

The Social skills within the Seychelles class has been very impressive from the students. They got on really well together as a class and even when arriving to the class, they will just start to play games together without teachers suggesting the ideas to them.

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