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Our Weekly News

In the boxes below, you can read about our best moments in school.
We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 31+

Seychelles class have had an enjoyable week at school. We completed a week of swimming learning front crawl and backstroke techniques, using great listening skills following the instructor’s directions.

We made excellent pitta bread pizzas in food technology with lots of toppings such as mushroom, cheese and sweetcorn.

All pupils have worked hard in maths examining line graphs. We began a new topic in English reading Alice in Wonderland.

Have a great weekend!

Week 30+

This week in Seychelles, we have worked really hard in all lessons. In English, we have been looking at suffixes the students worked well as a team to find different words with the same ending. In Maths, we looked at bar charts and the students filled in missing data as well as gathering data using the bar charts. In science we did an experiment to test the speed in which different liquid forms would travel down a ramp, we got in to two groups and tested, syrup, water, hand-sanitizer, washing up liquid, milk and yogurt. The students used stopwatches, to time how long it took each liquid to reach the bottom. We also talked about how to take care of our pets at home and talked about taking care of plants, and how to plant them during life skills! Well Done Seychelles class.

Week 29+

This week in Seychelles has been a busy one. We have continued with reading the Hodgeheg and finding out what mischief he has been up to. We created a fantastic menu using creative writing that a hedgehog would like. Some of the ideas included spider pieces with wood louse corpses and chopped up fruit for a main meal and dessert consisted of blended up slugs and berries with dog food. We had lots’ of more amazing ideas.

In Maths, we have been completing tally charts, bar charts, asking our class friends about their favourite things and rolling a dice to see if the number 6 on a dice is rolled the most.

During PE, we went outside in the lovely sunshine and continued to practise our hockey skills weaving between the cones and then passing it to our class friends. Then we finished our hockey with a friendly game finishing on a draw.

For our food technology lesson this week, we created a mint yogurt and practised our chopping skills. Some of us liked the yogurt plain and others enjoyed it with the mint taste, we even had a comment of it tasting like toothpaste.

Week 28+

Another great week in Seychelles class. We have made Coleslaw in Food Technology, which was delicious, in PE, we played hockey, which all the pupils really enjoyed and also tried some Indian style dancing. In Lifeskills, we have discussed the environment and what we can recycle from different rooms in the home. We started a new topic in maths this week Data Handling using tally charts to record our findings and in English, we continued to read The Hodgeheg and then started to create a road safety poster in connection with the story.

Have a lovely weekend, Seychelles Class.

Week 27+

Welcome back Seychelles!

What a wonderful week we have had this week with our class. In Maths this week we have been looking at the perimeter and working out the perimeter of different shapes, starting with rectangles then moving onto more complicated shapes.

In Life skills, we talked about the environment and what we can do to help the environment by recycling or instead of travelling in a car we could use a push bike/public transport. The students then went on to talk about the ozone layer and how by recycling we can help protect the ozone layer around the earth.

During our food tech lesson, we all practised our cutting skills chopping different types of fruit and created a rainbow fruit salad. We took this home, to share with our family.

Our project has started with the title ‘Potions’. A modern take on potions was taken, with staff being interviewed by the pupils about their experiences with modern medicine and hospitals. Some great questions asked and answered.

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