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Week 35+

This week in Italy Class, we have been continuing our topic of fractions in Maths. We have been finding objects in our classroom and drawing around them to find if we could split them in half evenly. In English, we have been reading poems and highlighting the rhyming words. In food technology we discussed the euros and tried different foods from different European countries, the class discussed our favourite dishes. We have been continuing to look after our plants in topic along with having a mini beast hunt around the school grounds. Well done Italy Class!

Week 34+

Italy Class have had a busy first week of term. We started our week with a visit from the farm, the farmers talked about lots’ of different animals and how to care for them. Italy class had a go at brushing the pony. In maths, we have been learning about fractions, how to equally share objects into the correct fraction.  In English, we have been learning about poetry and recognising rhyming words. We have started our new topic of plants and looked at what is the most common types of wildflowers we can see around our school and at our houses. We finished the week with bike-a-bility practicing and learning how to ride a bike. Well done Italy Class.

Week 33+

This week Italy class have been very busy. We have been practising our two times tables in maths. In English, we have been practicing using adjectives. We made some amazing descriptive sentences about what we could see at the seaside. In Food tech this week, we made our own sausage rolls. We went on a Coastal trip to New Brighton to spot different Seaside features. In Music, We finished learning different sea shanties and played the instruments along to the beat. Well done for a brilliant half term Italy Class.

Week 32+

This week in Italy class, we have been learning about the journey of a letter from a post box to where the letter is finally delivered. We have also been creating our own seaside postcards using lots’ of adjectives. In Maths, we have been continuing to share groups of objects equally. In food technology, we learnt how to make easy pizza’s using some toastie thins and different toppings. We used clay to mould our own pots and decorated them with different shells. In LifeSkills this week, we learnt how to order food, we also swopped places and learnt about working behind the counter and using money in a shop. Well done Italy Class

Week 31+

Italy Class have had a great week! In English, we have been learning how to write a letter and what information we need to include in one. We wrote letters to the Zookeeper asking for our own pets. In Maths, we have been making equal groups to practice our dividing skills. We learnt all about the role of the RNLI Lifeboats and how important the volunteers who work there are. In Geography, we have been learning about compass points and why people use them, we gave each other directions using the compass points. We R.E we continued to learn about Purim the Jewish festival and how people celebrate. Well done Italy Class!

Week 30+

This week in Italy class, we have all been swimming every day. We have been learning lots’ of different types of strokes and building our confidence in the water. In Geography this week we looked at all the different things we can find at the seaside, we matched if they are natural or man-made. In computing we used our knew knowledge of things we find at the seaside to create our own PowerPoints about all the features of the seaside. We have been continuing our dance lessons and learning about different ways we can travel around a room. Super work Italy Class!

Week 29+

This week Italy Class have been continuing to learn about multiplication in maths. We have been using cubes to create our own arrays. In English, we have been learning about Fairy tales. This week was the story of Rapunzel, we discussed how Rapunzel would feel about being locked in the tower and made chatta boards to sequence the story. We have been continuing to learn about coastlines, we learnt about the seaside in the past and compared it to how the seaside is now. We also learnt about what objects would sink and which would float if they were in the sea. In art, we finished decorating out seashells previously made. We have also been learning about the swimming pool and what we can expect on our trip to the swimming pool next week. Well done for a fantastic week Italy!

Week 28+

This week Italy Class have been very busy. In English, we have been continuing our topic of Fairy Tales. Describing the characters of Hansel and the Witch. In Maths, we have been using our robot doubling machine to accurately double numbers and our monster sweet shop to half numbers equally. We conducted a science experiment to see how we could stop coastal erosion and wrote a postcard telling others how to stop it. We continued our topic in food technology of quick meals we can make when we are hungry and made cheese and ham toasties. In art, we practiced are scrunching skills and created a tissue paper collage of the seaside. Well done for working so hard this week Italy Class.

Week 27+

Italy Class have had a fabulous first week back. In English, we have been learning the story of Hansel and Gretel, we discussed how they would have felt and what they could do to help. In Maths, we started the new topic of multiplication. This half term we are learning all about coastlines. We discussed what we might find at the seaside and different beaches we have visited and not visited! In music, we listened to sea shanties, listening carefully to the rhythm and playing along. Italy Class have been learning different quick foods to make, this week we made beans on toast.

Well done for a busy week Italy Class.

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