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Week 3+

Spain Class have had an excellent week!

We started the week off by celebrating Roald Dahl Day, where we explored who Roald Dahl is and some of his stories, we read The Enormous Crocodile and re-designed the front cover of the book. We made our very own potion inspired by George’s Marvellous Medicine and wrote instructions how to make it.

We have been looking at tens and ones to 20 and how to represent numbers in different ways in Maths, we have been looking at different types of punctuation in English, how to form a question and we have really enjoyed our enrichment clubs on a Friday afternoon. For our project lessons this week, we have been looking at portraits and drew our own self-portrait, then looked at making funny faces inspired by collages and made our own.

Week 2+

This week in Peru class we have used the Parachute to practice using our tricky words within sentences. In literacy, we have begun our topic ‘Stories in Familiar Settings’. We discussed what ‘familiar’ meant and shared our own familiar settings. We then began to read and sequence the story ‘Not Now, Bernard!’.

In maths, we have been using ‘cheeky maths’ to learn about place value and working out how many tens and ones are in numbers up to 100.

Our new project this term is going to be ‘Childhood’, therefore, this week we have discussed what childhood means to us and how childhood might differ per individual. We also looked at some images of old toys and artefacts related to childhood and found similarities and differences with the objects we have in present day. Fantastic week for Peru class!

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