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Our Weekly News

In the boxes below, you can read about our best moments in school.
We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 35+

Spain class have had an excellent week.

In English, we have been reading super worm.

Similarly, super beasts and their habitats have been our theme in science and geography. We also planted some seeds.

Halves and quarters is still the topic in Math’s, we have been practicing using a ruler to half shapes.

In RE we reflected on our weekend and spoke about what we did, and how it made us feel.

In food tech, we made delicious lady-bird cookies.

Finally, for art we made a couple of pieces such as paint works and decorating butterfly cut outs’ with flowers.

Week 34+

We have had a great first week back after half term and have been really enjoying the lovely weather! We have begun a new science unit looking at growing things and mini-beasts. We walked around the school grounds and found lots of flowers and weeds and we then learned to identify the parts of a plant. On Tuesday, we were so lucky to see the farm that came to school! We loved stroking the pigs, rabbits and the rest of the animals. Canada class’ favourite was Mr Tumble the pony! We also had a great dance lesson on Tuesday and really enjoyed playing lots’ of fun games to music. On Wednesday, we learned about money in life skills. We learned to identify the different coins and notes and discussed what we need money for and how to get it. This week we have also been observing our caterpillars and they have now all hatched from their chrysalises as butterflies! We cannot wait to release them and watch them fly away. In maths, we have begun learning about fractions and splitting things into halves and quarters and in English we are going to be planning our very own picnic after having read the Teddy Bear’s Picnic! Canada class have worked so hard, and the staff team are so proud!

Week 33+

This week Spain class have loved exploring our seaside books, The Snail and the Whale and Sharing a Shell. We made our very own clay snails, painted and decorated them.

In life skills, we learnt all about recycling, how to sort our rubbish and not polluting the ocean with plastics.

In maths, we discussed being under and over objects and enjoyed watching We’re Going on a Bear Hunt to help us remember our positional words.

In news, we loved looking and sharing our photos of where we have been now that some of our favourite places are back open. Spain class have some amazing trampoline gymnasts!

Week 32+

Spain class celebrated British Sandwich Week by making their own delicious creations! We used cheese, ham, jam and even crisps! We practised buttering bread and our cutting skills. The best part, tasting them!

Our story this week was ‘Dear Greenpeace’. We loved hearing about Arthur the whale. We continued learning about the seaside with a picture quiz and made our very own clay seashell pots and in food tech, we enjoyed making our healthy pizzas on flat bread

Week 31+

Spain class have enjoyed reading the Dear Zoo book this week in English we sequenced the story in the correct order and enjoyed exploring our Dear Zoo tuff tray. In Maths we have been talking about sharing things equally, we used water balloons in the yard and threw them at targets in equal amounts. This week the children have enjoyed making jacket potatoes with beans in food tech and made jam and chocolate hamantachen biscuits for our Purim topic in R.E.

Week 30+

Spain class have been learning about division in Maths this week. We used objects and pictures to support dividing by two. In English, we read the Rainbow Fish and talked about what happened in the story. In Geography, we looked at photographs of the seaside from the present day and the past. We completed a similarities and differences task. In Food Technology, we made spaghetti on toast. The pupils all took turns spreading the butter on their toast. Well done Spain class.

Week 29+

Spain class have been learning from home this week. We have been learning about our topic Coastlines. The pupils have been learning to recognise features of coastlines then reading and writing some key vocabulary they might use. In Maths, the pupils have been focusing on division. They have completed some practical activities by sharing objects into groups of two, three and four. A daily LifeSkills challenge has been completed each day too. Well done Spain class for engaging so well in home learning!

Week 28+

In Maths Spain class have been learning there 2, 5 and 10x tables.
For English we have been doing the story of Rapunzel.
In Geography, we have moved onto seasides, learning about the difference between land made and natural objects.
In Art, we made salt dough and poked shells into them to create a mosaic.
In Science, we have learned about the different materials and how to recognise objects made out of said materials.
In RE the class made Graggers, which is a noise maker to drown out wickedness.

Week 27+

Spain class this week have been researching the different coastlines in UK in Geography.
We have been doubling numbers and working on number bonds in Maths.
Hansel and Gretel has been this week’s English Story.
We have learned about Purim in RE.
The class made beans on toast in food tech.

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