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Our Weekly News

In the boxes below, you can read about our best moments in school.
We are sharing our weekly news every Friday.

Week 18+

Spain Class have had a very first full week back in school.

We have welcomed three students to our class, although they are not new to the school, they are new to our class and we have also welcomed Miss Badwi and Miss Grierson, to our staff team.

During English lessons this week we shared our news and have been listening to the Gingerbread Man story and sequencing the story and have also been using cut outs of the characters to act out the story. This was very enjoyable.

During Maths lessons this week we have been beginning to learn about Multiplication.

During our History lesson we learnt about Monarchs and where they live, then designed a Palace.

During our RE lessons we shared our favourite books.

We began gymnastics for our PE lesson and enjoyed circuits using the equipment. We also had our Yoga lesson, which we enjoy, focusing on our breathing and relaxation, as well as Yoga positions.

For our Food Tech lesson this week we made beans on toast.

We learnt about communities during Life Skills, in particular, Our School Community. We talked about who made up that community and learnt about what things we can do to make it a happy community.

Week 17+

Spain Class have had an excellent first few days back. We have welcomed new students and new teaching assistants into our class and it has been lovely.

We shared our News from over the holidays and shared with the class what we got for Christmas, where we went and who we seen. We enjoyed yoga, a science experiment making our own parachutes and went on a shape hunt.

We ended the week looking at New Year resolutions and made our own and had lots of fun in our enrichment clubs.

We are so proud of Spain Class – well done!

Week 15+

Hi Spain Class

What a Fantastic! last full week we have had this week. We have worked on our new sounds of the week “b”, “oa”, “nt” . We found words with the sounds in and read stories also.

We have made lovely Christmas cards to bring home next week.

We performed our Primary Nativity which was a great success , we performed it in front of the rest of the school. Spain Class were Angels and what great angels we were.

We have also had our Christmas Lunch and a visit to a Theatre to watch Beauty and the Beast.

A great week full of fun Christmas activities.

Staff would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas!

See you all in the New Year.

Take care and stay safe.

Week 14+

Spain Class have had an excellent week! Our Elf of the Shelf made an appearance and has left us some gifts and showing up in crazy places in class! We have been learning about labels and captions in English by exploring how they are used. The Elf gave us a present and we learned that labels tell us what something is (so we had to look at who the gift was to and from!) we then captioned Christmas scenes. In Maths, we have been learning about the terminology we use to compare lengths and height, and in Music we have been using the instruments to play our song and making our own on the Music Lab. We REALLY enjoyed our trip to Imagine That! It was great fun. We finished the week in our enrichment clubs. It’s been a fantastic week! Well done Spain Class.

Week 13+

Another Great! week for Spain Class.

We looked at each others weekend news  which we really enjoy. Learnt more moves in Judo . Introduced our sounds of the week “h” and “igh” and read our story Stick Man.

In Maths we have been looking at Time and Days of the Week/Months of the Year. On Thursday we enjoyed Yoga with Katie. This helps us to relax and stay calm.

We came together at the end of the week for Assembly and our Enrichment Clubs.

Finally we had a special visitor to Spain Class who left us a Disney Advent Calendar, Santa Cam and Decorations in case you haven’t realised it was Elf on the Shelf.

Thank you Spain Class for all your hard work this week .

Week 12+

Spain have had another lovely week. We have all worked so hard . We retold our weekend news and showed some lovely pictures (please parents keep sending them pictures to class via email ).

We started our new sounds of the week “r” and “ee” . We also enjoyed Judo and Yoga .

In Geography we looked at Google Earth and found out what our City looked like from above, this was great fun . In English we retold a story by acting it out  and Maths we used sensory circuits to identify 3-D shapes.

We came together at the end of the week with Assembly and our Enrichment Clubs . A great week was had by all .

Have a lovely weekend. Spain Class Team.

Week 11+

Spain Class have had a great week. In Phonics we learned new sounds of the week and we had a visit to the school library where we looked for books with our sounds of the week in. We have been looking at number bonds to 10, number bonds to 20 and adding 3-digit numbers in Maths in our groups.

We have learned what parts of our bodies we use for different activities (hands for writing, legs for walking etc), and we have really enjoyed doing French learning how to ask what someone’s name is, Music where we played instruments to the pulse of the song, RE where we learned about the story of baby Jesus and Computing where we have learned how to use a keyboard on a laptop. We ended this week in our enrichment clubs which are so fun!

Well done Spain Class for another fantastic week!

Week 10+

Spain Class have had such a busy and fun week!

We have been focusing on addition and subtraction in Maths, in English we have been exploring our senses and writing a poem based on our senses and what we hear, taste, feel, see and smell at the beach. We have also been learning our new sounds of the week in Phonics ‘ng’, ‘e’ and ‘nk’. We celebrated World Science Day by participating in a carousel of activities in each class of KS2. We focused on space and made space food and explored how astronauts eat in space, we made moon bath bombs, we made our own planets from the solar system, we made our own rockets and investigated meteors. We also joined the rest of KS2 to launch our rockets on the playground, it was so much fun! We also learned about remembrance day and made Poppy sun catchers and on Friday we enjoyed our enrichment clubs.

It has been an excellent week and we are so proud of Spain Class!

Week 9+

Welcome back to a new term Spain Class and what a great first week back we have had . This week we have revisited our sounds of the week in Phonics “th ” and “ck”. We looked at addition in Maths. Welcomed visitors into our class to showcase what fantastic work we do.

We drew a life-size body of one of our boys in class then labelled the body parts which was great fun in Science. We read Cinderella in English and Sparks in the Sky then looked for adjectives in both stories. A busy but fun week.

Well Done!! Spain Class.

Week 8+

Hi Spain Class . Well this our last Newsletter of this term and what a Fantastic! term it has been . This week we have been very busy we have we recounted our weekend news to each other .Its so nice to hear everyones news and see their pictures please keep them coming. We have enjoyed sensory Maths games and visited the Library again to change our reading books .

In English we acted out Room on the Broom , the pupils made great characters from the story. That lesson was great fun. In preparation for Halloween we made  Chocolate Ghosts and they were delicious!. We also enjoyed our Halloween Party on Friday with lots of fun activities and tasty treats.

Enjoy  the Half Term break Spain Class you have been Amazing!!

Week 7+

Spain Class have had another productive week.

We are getting really good now at Judo learning new moves each week. We have been reading Room on the Broom and Oscar got the Blame in English . We then wrote our own story boards which was great fun . In Maths we are really confident in 1more and 1less . On Wednesday we made Apple/Raspberry crumble which was delicious

We’ve also made a start on our Halloween decorations in preparation for our Halloween party at the end of term. A great week! Thank you all for your hard work Spain Class.

Have a great weekend

Week 6+

Spain Class have had another great week.

They have worked so hard . We had a visit to our school Library and chose new books for class, we also made and tasted a fruit salad in Food Tech. In Maths we looked at 1 more and 1 less using our Numicon tiles. For Poetry Day on Wednesday we learnt and read some poems. In English we found new words using our sounds of the week “Ch” and “C” and Friday we enjoyed getting together for Assembly and our Enrichment Clubs .

Have a lovely weekend Spain Class and stay safe.

Week 5+

Spain Class have worked so hard this week

We have done some amazing work. Monday we had Judo and learnt some new moves. It was also European Language Day which was great fun we visited different classes in the Primary Department and learnt about the different cultures and food from each class country. Tuesday we practised using Speech Bubbles when writing a story. In the afternoon we looked at Timelines . This was great fun we looked at photographs from when we were babies through to adults and our teachers showed us their photographs which were very funny. On Wednesday we read Jack and the Beanstalk and answered Blank Level questions about the story . Before lunch we welcomed a visitor into Spain Class who showed us how to Recycle. In the afternoon we made Apple Pie and on Thursday we tasted it for snack .In Maths, our  lesson was sensory based finding 1 more and 1 less . The end of the week we had Assembly and our clubs in the afternoon .

Another fantastic week .Thank you Spain Class for working so hard as always .

Week 4+

Spain have had a Fantastic week yet again.

We have done lots of fun things. On Monday we learned some new Judo moves , we worked in pairs with pupils  from our own class and pupils in Italy . Tuesday we played Phonics games and wrote sentences using full stops, question marks and exclamation marks while reading Not Now Bernard.

We have made fruit kebabs using are favourite fruit while practising our cutting and chopping skills .A visit to our school Library on Wednesday to choose some new books for class and in the afternoon we had our own Primary Olympic Games . This was Amazing!! . We joined in with  different activities and at the end we all received a Certificate and a medal Towards the end of the week we enjoyed sensory circuits and our Enrichment activities such as Lego Club, Yoga, Music, IT and Arts and Crafts.

Have a lovely weekend Spain Class and thank you for all your hard work this week.

Week 3+

Spain Class have had an excellent week!

We started the week off by celebrating Roald Dahl Day, where we explored who Roald Dahl is and some of his stories, we read The Enormous Crocodile and re-designed the front cover of the book. We made our very own potion inspired by George’s Marvellous Medicine and wrote instructions how to make it.

We have been looking at tens and ones to 20 and how to represent numbers in different ways in Maths, we have been looking at different types of punctuation in English, how to form a question and we have really enjoyed our enrichment clubs on a Friday afternoon. For our project lessons this week, we have been looking at portraits and drew our own self-portrait, then looked at making funny faces inspired by collages and made our own.

Week 2+

This week in Peru class we have used the Parachute to practice using our tricky words within sentences. In literacy, we have begun our topic ‘Stories in Familiar Settings’. We discussed what ‘familiar’ meant and shared our own familiar settings. We then began to read and sequence the story ‘Not Now, Bernard!’.

In maths, we have been using ‘cheeky maths’ to learn about place value and working out how many tens and ones are in numbers up to 100.

Our new project this term is going to be ‘Childhood’, therefore, this week we have discussed what childhood means to us and how childhood might differ per individual. We also looked at some images of old toys and artefacts related to childhood and found similarities and differences with the objects we have in present day. Fantastic week for Peru class!

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