Connecting Continents: Teacher from Abbot’s Lea School’s visits Kenyan Academy

We are thrilled to announce a new and inspiring friendship between our school in Liverpool and West End Destiny Academy in Nakuru, Kenya. This exciting development came about spontaneously, following a visit by one of our dedicated teachers, Miss Sophie Gibney, who spent her Easter half-term break volunteering at the Kenyan primary school.

During her 10-day visit to Nakuru, Miss Gibney worked closely with the students and staff of West End Destiny Academy, sharing her teaching expertise and building strong connections. Her time in Kenya not only benefited the local children but also created an incredible opportunity for our students to broaden their horizons and develop new friendships.

Upon her return, Miss Gibney brought back a selection of heartfelt letters from the West End Destiny Academy students. Our students from Samoa class were eager to respond, writing thoughtful and engaging replies to their new friends in Kenya. This exchange of letters has served as a catalyst for a blossoming relationship between our two schools.

The connection between Abbot’s Lea School and West End Destiny Academy will be further strengthened with a video call scheduled for next week. Students from both schools are looking forward to this exciting opportunity to share their experiences, learn from each other and strengthen their newfound friendships.

As a school community, we are delighted to support this wonderful cross-cultural collaboration. We are confident that our students will benefit immensely from the exchange of ideas, experiences, and friendships with their peers in Nakuru, Kenya. The partnership with West End Destiny Academy embodies our commitment to fostering global connections and celebrating diversity, values that are at the heart of our educational mission.