Child Exploitation

Although the forms of exploitation are changing, the methods stay the same. An adult will target a child, trick them into trusting them, and then abuse their power for their own needs. This is known as ‘grooming’ and it is used for both criminal exploitation and sexual exploitation

Criminal Exploitation and Gangs – NSPCC

If you would like more information about this, we would recommend being supporting via a Charity called Pace.



Pace believes parents are, and should be valued as, key players and partners in safeguarding children from exploitation outside the family.

Our vision

Pace’s vision is to work in partnership with parents to end child exploitation.

Our mission

Pace believes parents should be valued as key partners in safeguarding children from exploitation. We set out to:

  • Support parents through the trauma of family disruption caused by the external perpetrators of child sexual exploitation.
  • Provide parents with knowledge in order to assist in safeguarding their children from sexual exploitation.
  • Facilitate parents in communicating their intrinsic role in safeguarding children against sexual exploitation by opening up the channels to voice their experience, role and knowledge.
  • Enable parents to be active and respected partners with other agencies in combating child sexual exploitation.
  • Work with parents and partners to disrupt and bring perpetrators to justice.
  • Collate evidence from the work of Pace and undertake research in order to influence policy and practice.
  • Challenge and change public attitudes on child sexual exploitation and the role of families.
  • Sustain long term change by training partners in the active role of parents and carers safeguarding their children.