Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) is information about the current economic and employment situation. It includes data on graduate destinations, average starting salaries, current trends in employment sectors and recruitment patterns.

Find out more about the sector or industry you want to work in by checking LMI to answer questions such as:

  • Is it a thriving sector or are businesses in the sector closing because of the economic climate?
  • Is it a growth sector predicted to provide new jobs in the future?
  • Are jobs in this sector mainly located in a specific geographical location?

The answers to these questions may inform the choices you make about future

Explore websites that present information on the UK labour market

  • icould is a careers website which uses LMI for All to provide context alongside careers videos.
  • U-Explore  provide careers guidance solutions for schools and colleges using LMI for All in Start.
  • SACU is an online source of careers information for young people, parents, teachers and careers advisers.
  • RCU Ltd. is a data dashboard which draws on LMI for All data and is designed to help inform curriculum design.
  • BeMore provides a place to discover skills and career options in the Liverpool City Region, including apprenticeships and information on the LCR growth sectors

Households Into Work Liverpool City Region Households into work.

Liverpool Local Enterprise Partnership  Liverpool City Region Growth Sectors Information.

For more websites that display labour market information have a look at our directory of LMI for All users.


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