Parent Information

The World Reimagined Project – 15.07.22

MMR Imms School Letter July 22

Attendance and school uniform expectations-13.7.2022

Family Coach – 13.7.2022

Summer HAF Programme – from Liverpool City Council

Letter to Families re Chester Zoo Trip – 24.06.22

Letter to KS3 Families re Music Tuition – 17.06.22

KS4 and KS5 Prom Invitation

Letter to Families re Sports Day – 14.06.22

Term 6 KDD 9.6.2022

KS4-5 Trip to Liverpool Maritime Museum – 2.06.22

Liverpool City Council Letter to Post-16 Student Families – 23.05.22.doc

Liverpool City Council May Half Term Activities – 23.05.22


Letter to Families re Exams – 4.05.2022

Portugal – Swimming Lessons Letter

Year 10 Mock Exam Letter to Families – 29.04.22

Letter re Bootle Football Match – 29.04.22

10226562 – Liverpool City Council Letter to parents

ALS Covid-19 update 4.4.2022

End of testing letter to parents April 22

KS1 and 2 Trip to Speke Hall Letter – 21.03.22

SEND Consultation – 17.03.2022

Letter to Families re Easter Events – 17.03.2022

Families’ Information Session – Benefits and Grants Help and Support 30.3.2022

On behalf of Knowsley MBC to Families 9.3.2022

KS4 and KS5 Accredited Learning Options Update – 4.03.22

Family Information Session – Year 9 Accredited Learning

ALS Humanitarian Aid 1.3.2022

Liverpool PfA PATH Workshop – 10.03.22

Year 8 HPV Vaccination Consent Letter from Merseyside NHS – 18.02.22

Fab Feb Half Term Details from Liverpool City Council

Letter to Parents re SEND Sufficiency

KS5 Accredited Learning Option Choices Letter – 10.2.2022

KS4 Accredited Learning Option Choices Letter – 10.2.2022

Updated Critical Worker List Letter

Spain – Swimming Lessons Letter

Year 9 Options Letter 3.2.2022

Transition Information Session Supported Internships Letter 3.2.2022

Italy – Swimming Lessons Letter

Transition Information Update Letter 3.2.2022

Family Training – Eating Support Disorders and ARFID 9.2.2022

Relationships Health and Sex Education Letter 1.2.2022

Key Stage 5 Mock Exams Letter

Brazil – Swimming Lessons Letter

COVID-19 Vaccination Letter

Year 11 Mock Exams Letter – 26.01.22

Transition Information Session for the families of KS4 and KS5 students

Family Training – Sensory Input at Home 20.1.2022

KS4 and KS5 transition information sessions 18.1.2022

Accredited Learning Update 17.1.2022

Letter to parents Spring term 2022 reopening

Family Adviser letter to families 21.12.2021

LCC Letter to parents Christmas Dec 2021

ALS Ofsted 2021 outcome, 15.12.2021

Online safety event 8.12.2021

Covid-19 update to families 30.11.2021

LCC letter to parents Omicron

Advanced Solution Letter

Children In Need 2021

LCC consultation childcare

Welcome to Term 2 OFSTED Inspection

Exam Resit letter 22.10.21

Bug Club Training Session

Letter to parents Secondary 20.10.21

Letter to parents Primary 22.10.21

Covid-19 case at ALS KS4

KS4 mock exams November 2021

Covid-19 case at ALS KS3

Covid-19 case at ALS KS4

COVID-19 Vaccinations 

SEND transport letter 30.9.2021

COVID Testing Letter to Families


SEND Consultation GB update 24.9.2021 (002)

Accredited Learning KS4 KS5 information and meeting, 17.9.2021

Covid-19 case at ALS, 17.9.2021

Covid-19 case at ALS, 16.9.2021

Flu immunisation e-consent form 15.9.2021

Key Diary Dates in Term 1, 15.9.2021

FE College Visits Term 1 – Key Stage Five Students

E scooter school Head teacher Letter

Safeguarding at ALS, 9.9.2021

School Photographs

Return to school, 1.9.2021

ALS COVID-19 risk assessment v4 1.9.2021





ARCHIVES: 2020-21

Class Team Introduction Boards 2021

Local Offer Holiday Programmes – Summer 2021

LCC letter to families 14.7.2021

Free School Meals vouchers 15.7.2021

Emergency closure of onsite provision and move to remote transitional support, 14.7.2021

COVID Positive case Australia Class and Zone 6 Bus 2 route, 14.7.2021

COVID Positive case France Class and Zone 3 Bus 7 route, 13.7.2021

COVID Positive case Botswana 12.7.2021

COVID Positive case Ireland Class, Zone 3, 9.7.2021

COVID Positive case Portugal Class and Zone 3 Bus 5 route, 7.7.2021

Letter to families concerned about Covid-19, 7.7.2021

COVID Positive case Zone 5 Bus 6, 6.7.2021

COVID Positive case Zone 5 Bus 3, 5.7.2021

COVID Positive case Zone 5 Madagascar Class, 5.7.2021

COVID Positive case Zone 5 Botswana Class, 5.7.2021

HAF A Summer to Remember

HAF Funding Application Guidance Summer 2021 (002)

HAF Programme Application Form (004)

Transition Week invitation to new students 

COVID wider community 01.07.2021

COVID Postive case Zone 2 KS5


Letter to all families following USA closure, 30.6.2021

USA Class self-isolation 30.6.2021

USA Class remote learning 30.6.2021

Positive case in Samoa Class 25.6.2021

Letter to families of students returning zone 5 Bus 4

Return of Mozambique students 24.6.2021

Covid-19 update for all families 24.6.2021

Return of Zone 2 students 23.6.2021

Letter to families of direct or close proximity – ZONE 4 Peru 23.6.2021

Letter to families of direct or close proximity – Mozambique 23.6.2021

Letter to families of direct or close proximity – Sefton taxi route 23.6.2021

Letter to families of direct or close proximity – PNG 23.6.2021

Letter to families of direct or close proximity – ZONE 2, 22.6.2021

Families and Students Views Term 6 2021

Class of 2021 Leaving Day arrangements

Safety in the sun letter 2021

Parents half term May 2021 v2

Liverpool Foundation Cycle of Life Sessions 28.5.2021

Letter to families of direct or close proximity Portugal Class, 23.5.2021

ALS Student Testing

Letter to families re school uniform 21.5.2021

Exams update 19.5.2021

Spain Bubble closure due to Covid-19 positive case 25.4.2021

Letter to all families after a Covid-19 case 25.4.2021

Schools Foreign travel April21

SDP consultation Term 5 letter



School Letter Parents PH March 29th 21 v2

Special celebrations at ALS Term 4 16.3.2021

Letter to all families re mobile phones and e-devices 11.3.2021

School Letter Parents PH March 21

Term 4 full reopening of ALS 4.3.2021

ALS Student Testing arrangements .

COVID Privacy Statement Home testing students

Consent form for COVID testing



January 2021 Family Information Sessions

Transition Information Sessions February 2021

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